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Shortage of buses hits tourist season

Mussoorie: Scores of commuters, especially tourists, on their way to Mussoorie are at the receiving end as there is a shortage of buses plying between Dehradun and Mussoorie during the peak travel season.
At present, commuters have no option but to wait for several hours to board a bus, which comes overloaded increasing the risk of road mishaps. Meanwhile, long queues to buy tickets in Mussoorie as well as in Dehradun, have added to the travelers' woes.
"We had to wait for more than two hours in the scorching heat to get a bus ticket to Dehradun. Our children got completely exhausted in this hot weather," said one Ram Kishan, a tourist. Meanwhile, many even complained of private cabs overcharging them owing to the current situation. "I came from Amritsar and upon reaching Dehradun I did not get a bus even after a long wait. I was forced to book a taxi and while the normal rate is Rs 300 per seat I had to shell out Rs 600 per seat," said one tourist Raj Kumar Vij.
Secretary of Mussoorie traders association, Jagjeet Kukreja, said, " Due to the heavy rush, all buses plying on the Mussoorie-Dehradun route are being overloaded which increases the chances of accidents on this hill route. Moreover, there is no bus service after 6 pm which leads to problems for tourists and residents." Said Deepak Jain, general manager of roadways, who said, "We have already increased the number of trips of buses from 36 to 100 on the Mussoorie-Dehradun route.
However, the reason for long queues is the heavy tourist rush. But we cannot increase the number of buses further as a large number of our buses are already engaged on the Char Dham yatra route." When asked about the absence of bus service after 6:00 pm, Jain assured me that he would look into the matter.

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