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Retired banker in Agra has 1k plants of 400 varieties in house, making it a tourist spot

Agra: In congested Shahganj, the house of a retired banker has become a point of attraction for not just local residents but also foreign tourists from countries such as Germany, Japan, and Bangladesh. Former SBI employee, Chandrashekar Sharma, calls his 300-year-old residence a "greenhouse" as it is home to over 1,000 plants of 400 different varieties planted across a 6,300 sq ft area.
A large part of the outer walls of his property is covered by a vertical garden. In the past two years, Sharma has helped over 50 houses in the city implement his "greenhouse" model. He says he has planted over 2,000 trees and aims to plant 500 more in the next year.
'No artificial makeover can beat natural beauty, people must opt for green methods'
On Saturday afternoon, We found that the temperature at his house was lower by 4 degrees Celsius, as compared to 44 degrees celsius outside.
The air quality index was recorded at 25, which falls under the "good" category, according to the Central Pollution Control Bureau. 
A winner of the divisional horticulture exhibition seven times, Sharma said, "Presently, my plants are flowering, bearing fruits, and growing vegetables. I have also grown a variety of vines and xerophytes (a plant that needs very little water). "The retired banker added," For the past three decades, I have studied Mughal and Japanese techniques for cultivation. Since I don't have a drip irrigation system, I use showers to water plants. I prepare vermicompost at home."
"No artificial makeover can beat natural beauty. People should opt for this green method to make their houses look beautiful," Sharm says.
His wife Neelam, who is a retired teacher, said, "Our mornings are filled with the sound of birds. For the past one week, two kingfishers have been coming over. It's also wonderful to see butterflies fluttering about." Sharma says he spends two hours every day taking care of his plants. "It is also my fun-filled fitness regime," he adds. Sharma's neighbor, Santosh Kulshrestha, told, "People visiting Fatehpur Sikri stop to see his house en route. Sharma has also been planting trees in public places for a long time. Civic authorities should consult him to increase the green cover in Agra."

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