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Ranthambore National Park - Rajasthan, India


Ranthambore National Park is a vast wildlife reserve near the town of Sawai Madhopur in Rajasthan, northern India. It is a former royal hunting ground and home to tigers, leopards, and marsh crocodiles. Its landmarks include the imposing 10th-century Ranthambore Fort, on a hilltop, and the Ganesh Mandir temple. Also in the park, Padam Talao Lake is known for its abundance of water lilies. A total of 71 tigers are currently living in Ranthambore. In addition to these 25 males and 25 females, there are 21 cubs, while under the rules of the National Tiger Conservation Authority; there can be no more than 40 tigers.

Location: Sawai Madhopur, Rajasthan Main Wildlife Attractions: Tigers, Sambar, Deer, Peacock, Leopard, Chital, Hyena, Nilgai, Wild Boar Coverage Area: 392 sq. km. Established: 1980


1. Jeep Safari - Maximum 6 People are allowed 
Jeep Safari Price: 1180 Rs Per Person

2. Canter Safari - Maximum 20 People are Allowed
Canter Safari Price: 713 Rs Per Person

Note: Need to Report 45 Minutes Before the Safari Time Otherwise Ticket Will be considered as Cancelled

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Package G n G RRRNP 1. Only Ranthambore National Park Jeep Safari   Maximum: 6 People in One Jeep

Package G n G RRRNP 2. Only Ranthambore National Park Canter Safari  Maximum: 20 People in One DCM Or Small Truck

Package G n G RRRNP 3. One Night Stay in Ranthambore National Park + Ranthambore National Park Jeep Safari + MAP Plan i.e. Breakfast + Either Lunch or Dinner

Package G n G RRRNP 4. One Night Stay Near Ranthambore National Park in Deluxe Camps + MAP Plan i.e. Breakfast + Either Lunch or Dinner  + Ranthambore National Park Canter Safari

Package G n G RRRNP 5. Pick Up From Delhi + Two Night Stay in Ranthambore National Park + Ranthambore National Park Jeep Safari + Local Sightseeing of Swai Madhopur + MAP Plan i.e. Breakfast + Either Lunch or Dinner + Drop to Delhi


MonthMorning Jeep SafariEvening Jeep Safari
1st October to 31st October6:30 Am to 10:00 Pm2:30 Pm to 6:00 Pm
1st November to 31st January7:00 Am to 10:30 Am2:00 Pm to 5:30 Pm
1st February to 31st March6:30 Am to 10:00 Am2:30 Pm to 6:00 Pm
1st April to 15th May6:00 Am to 9:30 Am3:00 Pm to 6:30 Pm
15th May to 30th June6:00 Am to 9:30 Am3:30 Pm to 7:00 Pm


Winter Season ( October to March )The winter season, from October to march, is the most preferred season to visit Ranthambore Park by the visitors as the cool weather has its own charm and the forest is bustling with greenery after the rainy season making the surroundings very pleasing and enchantingly beautiful. The flowers are in full bloom which adds a luster to the area around the lakes and other water bodies. Also, many migratory birds visit the park in the winter, which will be a real feast for the eyes of bird lovers. If you are traveling during the midwinter season between last December and early January, you must carry enough winter clothes to keep you warm in the wilderness of the forest. The best time to go to Ranthambore for wildlife watching is just after the rains, from October to June. Be aware that it can get very cold in Winter, Due to that the chances of sighting a Tiger increases in the Afternoon Safari Increases. Don't Forget to Carry a Jacket and Cap with you due to the cold since Safaris are open and sitting in an open safari in cold becomes challenging without proper planning.

Summer Season ( April to June ): Ranthambore National Park Safari is also Best in Summers Just before the rains from April to June due to hot temperatures. Be aware that it can get very hot during this period i.e. more than – 45°C – but the scarcity of water encourages animals to come out into the open area i.e. near the water bodies set up by the forest department at different places in the national park. Ranthambore National Park is a fascinating blend of history and nature. Inside the park is a formidable fort that was built in the 10th century and coveted by many rulers due to its strategic position between north and central India. The park itself is situated at the joining of the Vindhya Plateau and the Aravalli Hills and is characterized by rocky plains and steep cliffs. It supports a diverse range of flora and fauna, including around 71 tigers. don't forget to keep sunscreens, scarves, and sleeved cotton dresses with you to fight the blazing sun outside.
NOTE: Don't Forget to Carry a Jacket even During Summers, Sunscreens, Sleeved Cotton Dresses, and Goggles to fight the blazing sun outside.


By Air - The nearest airport from Ranthambore is Jaipur, which is about 160 km away. You can arrive in Jaipur by flight from all major cities in India. 
By Rail - Sawai Madhopur Railway Station is the nearest railway station located 11 km away from Ranthambore National Park. All major trains that link Sawai Madhopur cities like Delhi, Agra, Jaipur, etc.
By Road - The closest city to this national park is Sawai Madhopur. A very good network of buses and taxis connects Sawai Madhopur from major cities of Rajasthan Delhi(365), Jaipur(160), Agra(260).


Question. When does Ranthambore Park open for tourists?

Answer: Ranthambore park opens in the mid of October every year. From October to March is considered the best time to visit Ranthambore as during this period the weather remains quite comfortable for wildlife safaris.

Question. What is the best time for tiger sighting in Ranthambore?

Answer: Both the winter (October - March) and summer (May-June) seasons are ideal for tiger sighting in Ranthambore. In the winter months, tigers can be spotted basking under the sun, while in the summer months, they can be sighted frequently visiting the water holes.

Question. Can I reach on spot and Book Ranthambore National Park Safari at Counter on the Same Day?

Answer: Earlier this Option was open but due to Covid19 Only Online Safari Booking is Possible. Due to Huge demand, Safari needs to be booked at least one week before otherwise, it remains sold out on most of the dates throughout the month.

Question. What happens if we cancel our booking due to some personal reason? is there any refund if we cancel the permit of Park?

Answer: A. 75% refund booking amount if cancellation is made before 271/ more days from the date of visit. B. 50% refund of the booking amount if cancellation is made before 181-270 days from the date of visit. C. 25% refund of the booking amount if cancellation is made before 90-180 days from the date of visit. D. 0% refund of the booking amount if cancellation is made within 90 days from the date of visit.



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