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Event Management in Goa

As the sun-kissed shores of Goa beckon with their pristine beaches, vibrant culture, and captivating landscapes, the allure of hosting an event in this tropical paradise becomes irresistible. Nestled along the Arabian Sea on India's western coast, Goa has earned its reputation as a premier destination for unforgettable events, from corporate retreats to dazzling weddings and everything in between. The heart of every successful event lies in its venue, and Goa offers a cornucopia of stunning locations. From sprawling beachfront resorts to quaint heritage properties nestled amidst lush greenery, the choices are as diverse as they are breathtaking. Goa's rich cultural tapestry, infused with Portuguese heritage and Indian influences, provides a canvas for innovative event design. Whether it's infusing local elements into the decor, incorporating traditional Goan cuisine into the menu, or arranging entertainment that reflects the region's vibrant spirit, our team thrives on infusing events with a unique local flavor. Moreover, we embrace technological advancements and creative trends to add a touch of innovation to every event. From immersive multimedia experiences to interactive elements, we leverage cutting-edge solutions to create moments that linger long after the event concludes. No two events are the same, and our approach to event planning reflects this belief. Our dedicated team at G n G Group takes pride in crafting bespoke experiences tailored to our clients' preferences, aspirations, and objectives. We understand that flawless execution is key to a memorable event. From conceptualization to execution, we leave no stone unturned in ensuring that every detail aligns seamlessly. Be it coordinating logistics, managing vendors, or orchestrating entertainment, our meticulous planning ensures a stress-free experience for our clients and an awe-inspiring event for their guests. 

At G n G Group, we meticulously scout and curate venues that align perfectly with our clients' visions. Whether it's an intimate gathering or a grand celebration, we match the ambiance, facilities, and aesthetic appeal to ensure that the venue becomes an integral part of the event's success. 

At G n G Group, we believe in responsible event management that respects Goa's natural beauty and community. Sustainability is at the core of our practices, and we strive to minimize the ecological footprint of every event. Whether it's reducing waste, promoting eco-friendly practices, or supporting local initiatives, we aim to create memorable experiences while being mindful of our environmental impact. As you embark on the journey of planning an event in Goa, let G n G Group be your trusted partner. Our commitment to excellence, unwavering attention to detail, and passion for creating unparalleled experiences ensure that your event in Goa becomes a seamless, enchanting affair. Visit to explore our services, discover our portfolio of successful events, and begin the journey towards crafting your dream event in the mesmerizing land of Goa. Let us transform your vision into an unforgettable reality amidst the sun, sand, and serenity of Goa's breathtaking landscapes.

At G n G Group We understand the magic that Goa holds for event Planning since we are based in Goa. With Our Expertise in crafting bespoke experiences and our dedication to exceeding expectations, we have mastered the art of event management in this idyllic setting. You may get in touch with us for more details via mail or phone.  

Call Our Customer Care numbers on +91-8147016987 +91-9380601869,+91-8954769876, +91-5832-267070In case, if our all phone lines remain continuously engaged due to back-to-back inquiries, You can also Fill the Booking Form on our website and We will get back to you as soon as possible. You can also send us an email on following email ids to know more about our different packages and services which we offer in Goa currently and cc to .



G N G RRGC 1. Welcome Drink + 4 Nights Stay at Beach Resort+ Buffet Breakfast + Buffet Lunch + High-Tea + Buffet Dinner +Swimming Pool + Beach Access + Beach Volleyball + Beach Cricket + Spa + Sightseeing + 2 Hours Team Building Activities+ Stage Setup + Audio and Video + Banquet Hall + DJ
G N G RRGC 2. Welcome Drink + 3 Nights Stay at Beach Resort + Buffet Breakfast + Buffet Lunch + High-Tea + Swimming Pool + Buffet Dinner +Funny Games for 2 hours + Visit to Dudhsagar Waterfall + Water Sports in Sea + Visit to Casino in Goa
G N G RRGC 3. Welcome Drink + 2 Nights Stay in Jungle Resort + Breakfast + Sightseeing + Dinner + Swimming Pool + Water Sports + Outdoor Projector + Outdoor Lawn
G N G RRGC 4. Welcome Drink + Day Visit to 5 Star Hotel (09:00 Am to 05:00 Pm) + Giant Swimming Pool + Lunch at 5 Star Hotel + Beach Access + Beach Beds + Beach Volleyball + Beach Cricket + Team Building Games for 1 Hour + Beach Water Sports


G N G RRGSE 1. Birthday Parties near Beach + Cake Cutting Celebration + Anchor + Funny Activities + Welcome Drink + Lunch at Beach Resort + Hi-Tea + Dinner
G N G RRGSE 2. Anniversary Celebration on the Beach + Anchor + Family Games + Welcome Drink + Lunch at Beach Resort + Hi-Tea + Guitarist to Play Anniversary Songs
G N G RRGSE 3. Wedding Setup on the Beach + 3 Nights Stay in Beach Resort + Party Games + Stage with Music System + D.J. in Banquet + Fire Crackers + Flower Decoration + Banquet and Lawns for Setup  +Yoga Session on the Beach + Spa + Welcome Drink+ Buffet Lunch + Buffet Dinner + Hi-Tea + Buffet Dinner Near Beach Side Resort + Alcoholic Beverages on Actual
G N G RRBSE 4. Social Networking with new People + Reserved Beach Beds + 2 Nights Stay in Guest House + Swimming Pool + Veg and Non Veg Lunch on the Beach + Funny Games + Anchor + Welcome Drink + Hi-Tea + Dinner At Guest House in Evening 
G N G RRGSE 5. Honeymoon Celebration in 5 Star Hotel + Private Lap Pool Suite Room + Private Swimming Pool + Room Decoration with Flowers + Wine with Amenities + Candle Light Dinner on the Beach + Cake in the Room + Welcome Drink + Spa Therapies for Couple + Buffet Lunch + Romantic Beach Walk and Volleyball on the Beach

G N G RRGSE 6. College Old Friend Union + Welcome Drink + Buffet Lunch + Hi-Tea + Buffet Dinner + 2+2 Snacks + Swimming Pool +2 Nights Stay in 3 Star Resort + Water Sports + Alcohol on Actual


G N G RRGO 14 Nights 5 Days Package from Bangalore to Goa and Goa to Bangalore + Buffet Breakfast + Buffet Lunch + High Tea + Buffet Dinner + Water Sports in Sea + Team Building Activities for 2 Hours +  + Transfers from Bangalore to Goa By Bus and Goa to Bangalore By Bus + Kayaking + Jungle Trekking

G N G RRDM 2. 3 Night 4 Days Package from Bangalore to Goa and Goa to Bangalore + Breakfast + Lunch + Dinner + Scuba Diving + Jet Ski + Banana Ride + Bumper Ride + Sleeping Bumper Ride + Boat Ride + Stay Near Beach + Swimming Pool + Transfers from Bangalore to Goa By Train and Goa to Bangalore to By Train

G N G RRDM 33 Night 4 Days Package from Bangalore to Dudhsagar and Dudhsagar to Bangalore + One Night Stay in Dandeli + Breakfast + Lunch + Dinner + River Rafting +  Musical Night + Transfers from Bangalore to Dandeli By Train and Dandeli to Bangalore By Train + Kayaking + Jungle Trekking


G N G RRBO 1. Stage + Flex + Backdrop 
G N G RRBO 2. Balloon Decoration + Arch 
G N G RRBO 3. Flower Decoration + Entry Gate
G N G RRBO 4. Cut-Outs + Super Structures 
G N G RRBO 5. Different Artist Such As Juggler + Fire Show

NOTE:-  Please note that We also have Customizing Events Services Available with us as per your Choice and Requirement.

Gautam and Gautam Group have perfected the art of making the entire event experience memorable. GNGGROUP is India's premier Destination Management Group with an impeccable record in all aspects of Inbound and outbound business in India. GNG GROUP has served many Groups and F.I.T.s around the Globe. GNGGROUP works in close collaboration with Event Management Teams, Resorts, and Hotels worldwide with many professionals. The company offers expert and creative guidance while taking care of every small requirement of the guest to give a distinctive experience of India and other countries. The company specializes in providing customized services to individual Corporate Companies of different kinds of events, MICE (Meeting, Incentive, Conference, and Exhibition), Tours, Group tours, special interest tours, luxury trains, charter, and cruise ship ground operations while investing in eco-responsible and socially aware tourism. 

GNGGROUP promotes its luxury portfolio under the brand name "Gautam and Gautam Group". The"Gautam and Gautam Group", G and G Group, or "GNG GROUP" brand showcases a unique and differentiated luxury product that caters to the discerning luxury of event management in different segments.

Gautam and Gautam Group have Special offers for Corporate Companies with the Billing service of BTC (Bill To Company) for any Event. For more information related to BTC please write to our Director of Sales and Operations at

What is an Event?  
Any pre-planned organized activity designed and promoted to attract a gathering of people: consumers, participants, family, or friends. It does not, therefore, include any informal leisure activity that would normally take place in a park such as a casual sporting event, group picnic, or flying model planes. However, such activities would become chargeable events if they require additional infrastructure, facilities or equipment to be supplied for any individual company Such as Gautam and Gautam Group.
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  • Annual meet 

  • Birthday Parties

  • Weddings

  • Conference / Seminar Organizers

  • Team Building Activities

  • Celebrity / Artist Management

  • Carnival Games

  • Cycling Events 

  • College Star Nights 

  • Creative Classes 

  • Dance Shows

  • Exhibitions & Trade Fairs

  • Fashion Shows

  • Festivals 

  • Fire workshops 

  • Game Shows

  • Guitar Performances 

  • Magic Shows

  • Music Concerts

  • Party & Wedding Organizers

  • Party Organizers

  • Promotional Activities

  • Photo Shoots 

  • Roadshows

  • Stage Shows

  • School Activities 

  • Sports Tournaments

  • Band Shows 

  • Workshops

  • Workshops

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