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(Note: We organize Events all over India. We have branch offices in Chennai, Bangalore, Mussoorie, Manali, Kullu and Budaun. Please Contact us on +91-446531-5613 or +919600017031 for more info)

Are you looking for the Best Wedding Planners in India? We are just a call away from you. Give us a call or fix a meeting with our Professional Team for your upcoming event. We will not leave any stone unturned to make your event a grand success. We are a leading company in Events, Tour, Travel and Adventure. Our Corporate clients are Cognizant, HCL, HP, TCS, Zaffin, Tata Motors, Airtel, Abott, and Many more in Bangalore.



This template provides guidance notes for event organizers and will help you develop a detailed event management plan. To use the template, save a new version and complete the sections in blue that apply to your event.  Not all sections will apply to all events – you will need to decide which are relevant to your event.  Once you have completed the template, you can delete the guidance text. Our online event guidance includes information that will be useful when preparing your event management plan. Please take time to read this.  You may also find this article helpful, as it provides guidance on security, major incident planning, first aid, electrical safety, event communication, lost children, sanitary facilities and more.



Following are the events and Services which we undertake in our company named as Gautam and Gautam Group, Also known as G and G Group. 

Belly Dancers

Pole Dancers

Led Dancers

Arabian Dancers

Martin Girls

Fire Dancers

International Dancers

African Acrobats

Décor & Theme production

Item Song Performers

Bollywood Performers

Print production

Wings Performers

Candle Dance


Bubble Act

Bhangra Dance

Stage production

Show Group

Moulin Rogue

AV production 

Rajasthani Dance

Bharatanatyam Dance

Gala Dinners

Table Hostess

Live Human Statue


Lollipop Girl

Tequila Girls


Russian Cheer Girls

Cigar Girls


Golden Wings

Carnival Dancers


Flower Welcome Girl

Red Carpet Girl

Artist & Performance management

Human Live Fountain

Annual Meet

Emcee, models | DJ | VJ

Table Led Girl

Band Shows

Corporate Events

Violin Girl

Birthday Parties

Award Functions

Guitar Girl

College Start Nights

Led Stage Production

Wine Table Girl

Creative Classes

Stage Design Production

Russian Boys Guard

Fashion Shows

Event Décor Management

Devil Shot Girl

Magic Shows

Print and Fabrication Production

Tall Girl

Road Shows

Audio & Video Visual Production

Neon Tray Girl

Sports Tournaments

Lightening Production

Short Bonnie Girl

Kitty Parties

Print and Video Designing

Aerial Dance


Videography & Photography

Stilt Walker

Game Shows

Versatile Indian & Foreign DJ

Stilt Walker with fire

Wedding Planning

Model & User Management

Cycling Events

Instant Photography

Artist & Performance Management


Festival Arrangements

Mice Management

Harp Instrument Player Girl

Fire Workshops

Man Power & Security Management



As mentioned Above, Following is an Event planning template which should be used for any kind of event. This is a very useful template which can avoid many problems when the event goes live.

Event Planning Template 

Name of event – what

(building opening, sports day, art show, launch of new program)


Date of event


Time of event


Location of event


Event coordinator/contact person


Target audience – who

Who is this promotion targeted at?

What does the audience need to know?

What will hold their interest?


Message – what

What do you want to say to the target audience?

What do you want them to know/do?


Objectives – why

Be clear about what you hope to achieve with this event.


Description of event – what


Risk assessment – what

Identify possible risks and develop strategies to minimise risks.


Evaluation criteria established

What were our aims/objectives?

Did we achieve what we set out to do?

Did it come in on budget?

What were the intended/unintended outcomes?

How do we measure effectiveness?

What tools do we use to measure our success?



 Who will be involved in the event

 Date/s of event determined

 Location/venue for event booked

 Target audience determined

 Message determined

 Objectives set

 Risk assessment completed

 Evaluation criteria established

  DECS Strategic Communications informed/involved



Early event planning           

Person responsible


Date to be



 Source identified

 Sponsorship

 Break even point established

 Have you accounted for the GST?





 Request to invite Minister or CE in writing and timely   (six to eight weeks prior to event)

 Protocol issues (relating to Commonwealth/State funding)

 Anything that needs to be approved by DECS Strategic Communications

 Anything that needs to be approved by the Manager

 Minister’s office notified

 DECS Strategic Communications notified

 Education News notified





 Mailing list generated/updated

 Invitation composed

 Invitation checked

 Printer

 Calligrapher

 RSVPs (responsible person briefed)

 Invitation list compiled

 Names on list and titles/addresses checked for accuracy

 Special guests/speakers alerted to make time in diaries

 Invitations sent





 Cost per head or upfront

 Upmarket or casual

 Beverages – orange juice, mineral water, tea and coffee (instant or percolated)

 Food – fruit platters, bagels, danish, bagettes, sandwiches, biscuits and cakes

 Hot or cold

 Self service or waiting staff

 Internal or external catering

 Power required

 Equipment required

 Tables, tablecloths, cups and saucers

 Plates, napkins, knives and forks (disposable/non-disposable)

 Can the theme of the event be followed through in catering?

 Special dietary requirements of guests

 Menu






Early event planning

Person responsible


Date to be completed


 Press, radio TV, school newsletter

 Education News

 Media release – DECS Strategic Communications





 Book and brief

 Rehearsals





 Organise plaque if necessary

 Check plaque wording with DECS Strategic Communications

 Departmental signage booked with DECS Strategic Communications

 Other signage produced




Program/running sheet/speeches

 Program finalised

 Running sheet written

 Program/running sheet sent to speakers

 Speakers fully briefed

 Speeches written

 Let caterers know program - when to serve drinks/food




Value added for guests

 Copy of publication, CD-ROM

 Gifts

 Programs

 Catalogues

 Special offers/discounts

 Competitions

 Prizes





 Security alerted

 Occupational health, welfare and safety concerns addressed

 Provision of first aid




Audio/visual requirements

 PA system

 CD or tape player

 Lapel or handheld microphone

 Lighting

 Extra electrical requirements

 Lectern





 Extra required

 Staff to meet and greet guests





 Floral arrangements, pedestal – can the theme of the event be followed in flowers?

 Background music






Early event planning

Person responsible


Date to be completed

Guest comfort

 Wheelchair access

 Toilet facilities





 Welcome signage at entrance

 Ushers briefed

 Cloak room

 Red carpet





 Cleaning before and after

 On standby during the event




On the day

 Time for set up by whom

 Time for dismantle by whom

 Dais, stage

 Tables, chairs layout

 Chair covers

 Floor plan

 VIP seating

 Book courier/transport

 Name tags

 Clear location directions

 Registration desk




After the event

 Person responsible

 Debrief

 Comments on all aspects (negative and positive)

 Guest feedback

 Guidelines for improvement next time

 Evaluation against criteria

 Celebration

 Thankyou’s






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