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Yoga classes in pune

" Yoga Classes in Morning & Evening in Chennai "
(Note: We organize Yoga in other places of India also. Please Contact us on +91-446531-5613 or +919600017031 for more info)

This monsoon yoga and Ayurveda retreat at G and G Group (also known as Gautam and Gautam Group) is a great opportunity to reconnect one’s body and mind whilst experiencing the magical waves of sea. This retreat is designed and flexible for all levels of yoga practitioners. Monsoon retreats have a special significance culturally as yoga practices performed during this time are more effective than any other season.


Enjoy traditional benefits of yoga and meditation in the cacophony of nature. Discover a unique program of yoga sessions/classes for all levels of practitioners. Dedicated to ‘One Reality’, ‘one consciousness’ with the universe- the truth. G and G Group uses a holistic approach to purify and reconnect body, mind and the reality. Enjoy the benefits of meditation, yoga, Ayurveda, and learn how to see or experience that ’One reality’

Following are the Current Yoga Courses going on in Chennai and Other Places of India through Gautam and Gautam Group, Also known as G and G Group

  • Five days yoga classes
  • One Week Yoga Classes with Certificate
  • 15 Days Yoga Classes Program with Certificate
  • One month Yoga Classes Program with Certificate
  • Pranayama and Meditation
  • Asanas workshop and perfecting
  • Free Hand Exercise
  • Wait Training
  • Isometrics
  • Weight Loss Training
  • Diet & Fitness Advice

Language :

English and Tamil
Learn more about asanas, anatomy, and perfect certain postures during the morning workshops. Relax deeply and restore both your body and mind with yoga Nidra (deep relaxation). 
Get a consultation with the on-site Yoga Expert on your first day and receive daily treatments according to your body constitution


Included Excursions :

During the retreat of one Week of Yoga, you Can enjoy a one-day excursion or sightseeing tour to Mahabalipuram, Also known as Mamallapuram.

To know more about yoga classes in pune and other Program of Yoga  Please Contact us on +91-446531-5613 or +919600017031 or for Registration Click Here

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