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Working with world on long term vision to protect environ: Modi

New Delhi: PM Narendra Modi on Sunday said that India's role in climate change is negligible but the country is working on a long-term vision in collaboration with the international community on protecting the environment. Speaking on World Environment Day, he underlined that the country's efforts to protect nature have been multifaceted and his government in the last eight years has kept environmental protection at the core of all key schemes.
"Large modern countries (rich nations) of the world are not just exploiting more and more resources of the earth, but they are also responsible for maximum (cumulative) carbon emission. The average carbon footprint of the world is about 4 tonnes per person per annum compared to just about 0.5 tonnes per person per annum in India," said the PM.
Multifaceted effort to protect the environment
Modi was addressing an event at Vigyan Bhawan to mark the 75th day of the global 'save soil' movement, launched by Sadhguru of Isha Foundation from London in March. 
The Prime Minister said that his government has been focussing on five key factors to 'save soil'. "First- how to make the soil chemical-free. Second-how saves the organisms that live in the soil, which are called 'soil organic matter' in technical language. Third- how to maintain soil moisture (water content)... Fourth- how to deal with the damage to the soil caused by depletion of groundwater. And fifth, how to stop the continuous erosion of soil due to the reduction in forest cover," he said.
Noting that the main efforts are being undertaken in the agriculture sector to alleviate the problem of soil health issues, the Prime Minister said his government had launched a huge campaign to give 'soil health cards' (SHCs) to farmers across the country so that they could now find out the type of soil and the deficiency they suffer from.
"Over 22 crores SHCs have already been distributed among farmers. This helps them know the kind of fertilizers and micro-nutrients the soil of their farms need. It helped in reducing their costs by 8-10% and increased the production by 5-6%," said Modi.
Appreciating the efforts of Sadhguru to create awareness about soil health, the Prime Minister said he was quite confident that his journey would not only generate love for soil among people across the globe but also introduce them to 'Bharat Ki Mitti Ki Taqat' (India's strength).
Sadhguru said, "Whether we want to ensure food security for the nation, enhance farmer's income, enhance biodiversity and bring back aliveness into our soil, 'Save Soil' is very important."

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