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What's the difference between Mission and Vision ??

The mission is to think and managing with greatness, untamed strength and improving everything daily. It increases the confidence of the organization and churns out revolutionary ideas about the mundane, banishing mediocrity. While, Vision is to think and leading with inspiration and courage, obsessed with the future possibility of a love affair with change. It is creating the momentum of growing anticipation about the future where change is embraced.
Vision statements and Mission statements can be power packed drivers in a company culture when they are done right and are used to release the potent energy within the people who make the company. The best missions and visions are the mantras for action and can be catalysts while the worst ones are long, detailed, too much memorize, bother and remember. Your mission and vision should not be obvious instead they should be exceptional and extraordinary which boasts edge teetering leaps of faith and wild dreamings of every possibility.
Turn them both into mantras because they are alive and both evolve, reinvent and grow as you grow. 

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