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What is self management ??

Self-management brings organizational structure to an enterprise spontaneously. The managerial functions of planning, organizing, staffing, directing and controlling are the personal responsibility of each colleague. It is an alternative to the traditional, hierarchical method of organizing which also has some key ideas:

• People are happier when they can control their own life.
• Giving the decision - making authority to a person who is unaware of the actual work done does not have a sense.
• When more responsibility is given to good people, they flourish.

The concepts accepted as goals in organizations are self - directed work teams, employee empowerment, distributed decision making, flattening the organization, elimination of bureaucratic red tape. Each member of the organization is personally responsible for forging their own personal relationships, planning their own work, coordinating their actions with other members, acquiring requisite resources to accomplish their mission and for taking corrective action with respect to other members.
Self-management can also be stated as the model where the functions of a manager are pushed to all the participants in the organization. The principles of self-management depict an employee to have the greatest insight into the management of their functions who can take immediate action when circumstances demand a response or a change. Those principles extend the rights and resources required to take action and make a decision from those who are best suited for this work instead of selecting few individuals.

Rules of Self Management:

1. Live by your values, no matter what they are because you confuse people when you don't and they can't predict how you will behave in certain situations.

2. No one can hear what you are thinking until and unless you stand up for it. So, speak up as mind - reading can't be done.

3. Honor your own word and keep the promises you make otherwise people will stop believing you and your words will no longer work for you.

4. When you ask for more responsibility, treat it that way because it is usually an all or nothing kind of things to do.

5. If you are not trustworthy, then don't expect people to trust you. Trust is an outcome of fulfilled expectations.

6. Keep on increasing your good habits and rejecting bad habits. Good habits increase your energy into a momentum - building rhythm while bad habits can drain your energies.

7. Produce good work ethic which is rare today and be action - oriented.

8. Read, learn and share everything you know. You need to be interesting and attracting.

9. Be nice, courteous, polite, respectful, considerate and self - disciplined.

10. Don't be a victim because there is always an option available. So, look forward and enthusiastic.

11. Stay healthy and take care of yourself. Exercise your mind,  spirit, body to be someone whom people can back upon when needed.     

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