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What are the benefits of Key Leadership Competencies ?

The Key Leadership Competencies support departments and agencies in improving performance, talent, learning and also promotes leadership development. Employees can develop their leadership skills in their work and create learning and career plans.

Employee - Effective Behaviours :

1. Values and ethics - Serving through integrity and respect :

• Demonstrate values and ethics code through personal and professional behaviours.

• Ethical concerns should be discussed with supervisor or colleagues to use appropriate procedures.

• Excellence must be present in client service delivery.

• Contribution to workplace well being and builds a safe, healthy and respectful workplace.

• Diversity and Bilingualism should be encouraged and supported.

• Act with transparency and fairness.

2. Thinking things through - Innovating through Analysis and Ideas :

- Analysis :

• Plans should be made to adjust work by thoroughly understandind the requirements and priorities which seeks clarification and direction.

• Considers relevant information from sources and forms comprehensive perspective.

• Sound judgement must be exercised to obtain relevant facts before making decisions.

• Setbacks should be analyzed and feedback must be given to learn from mistakes.

- Ideas :

• Directions into concrete work activities should be translated.

• Improvements must be brought through innovative solutions, approaches, products or services.

• Ideas, views and concerns should be effectively and respectfully communicated and participate in exchanging ideas with others.

3. Engagement - Working effectively with people, organizations, partners :

• Sharing information broadly and observing relevant policies.

• Working collaboratively and relating effectively with others by practicing, valuing and embracing diversity of individuals.

• Encouraging excellence, contribution and success of others.

• Consulting colleagues, partners, clients, users and stakeholders.

4. Excellence through results - delivering through own work, relationships and responsibilities :

- Initiative -Design and Execution :

• Staying update on team goals, processes and performance standards.

• Managing own work activities to change organizational and public service priorities.

• Managing own work and having respect for other's work.

• Maintaining a positive and constructive attitude in change, setbacks or stressful situations.

• Actively looking for opportunities to learn and develop professionally and personally.

- Relationships - Colleagues, clients, users and superiors :

• Listening others and considering the views of others.

• Dealing proactively with interpersonal and personal matters that could affect own performance.

• Demonstrating team member roles and responsibilities to balance own needs with the team or organization.

• Developing effective networks to seek opportunities for collaboration and strategic alliances.

• Assuming responsibility for agreements in collaborative arrangements.

- Resources - Budgeting and use of assets :

• Using government assets and resources appropriately and applying by understanding properly.

• Pursuing operational efficiencies and value for money. 

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