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Valley of Flowers opens with lusher swathes

UNESCO Heritage Site Was Mostly Closed In Last 2 Years
Dehradun: Following a seven-month winter break, the picturesque Valley of Flowers opened for tourists on June 1. Located at a height more than 9,000 feet in Camoli, this UNESCO World Heritage Site was visited by 75 people-74 Indians and a Spanish national- on the first day of its opening. The Valley of Flowers opens for a five-month period between June and October. For the remaining part of the year, it remains snow-bound.
"Due to the Covid pandemic, the Valley of Flowers could not remain open for its usual five-month period in 2020 and 2021. The tourist footfall was also below expectations due to the pandemic. However, we are ecpecting a good turnout this season just like the pre-Covid times when lakhs of pilgrims would come to the valley. On Day 1, we earned Rs 10,950 through its entry fee," said Brijmohan Bharti, forest ranger, Valley of Flowers. The ranger futher said that the entry fee has been kept at Rs 150 for Indians and Rs 600 for foreign nationals. To enter the Valley of Flowers, a permit is required from the state forest department.
"The Valley of Flowers is the perfect escape from the daily grind. It is therapeutic to be in the laps of the Himalayas after two stressful pandemic years, said Ritika Sen, a tourist from Mumbai, who visited the valley on the first day of its opening. This season, the valley has more flowering plants and a richer landscape as it was closed for longer than usual over the last two years and received less human footfall due to the pandemic.
According to forest authorities, 250 people will be allowed to visit the valley per day. They added that trekkers who wish to reach Gamshali village (the second-last inhabited village from the China border) from Hanuman Chatti (a popular trekking spot) can pass through the Valley of Flowers.

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