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Udayagiri Caves

The Udayagiri cave is also in the capital of odisha. It is in the NH 16 near Bhubaneswar. Here you can see the elephant caves of large numbers. The history says that Monk's are worshipped their Almighty. The cave work is wonderful. If you in the top of the hill you can see the beautiful city Bhubaneswar. The scene of the city was amazing.Two mountain founded in Bhubneshwar udayagiri and khandgiri. Udayagiri have 18 rock cut caves. All caves are beautifully cutted, Represent the ancient art of India . A beautiful temple found at the top of hill.It is believed that the caves here were partly natural and partly carved out and were meant for Jain monks. Udayagiri has 18 caves. The Rani Gumpha cave here is the most important of all.The Hathigumpha cave ("Elephant Cave") has the Hathigumpha inscription, written by King Kharavela, the king of Kalinga in India, during the 2nd century BC. This is very important from the point of view of history as there are very little written history from the ancient India. It is written in Brahmi script. The caves are open from sunrise to sunset. 
The tourists going to Udaygiri may also visit the Khandagiri Caves situated adjacent to this. From atop the cave the view is excellent. Anyone coming to Bhubaneswar or Puri must see this beautiful place of historical importance.This place is not in the town but near to town. The place has two small mountains Udaigiri & Khandgiri. Both the hills are worth the visit. You can find many old monuments associated with Jainism, a jain temple and few vaishno temples. This places is full of monkeys which don't harm you. Even you can play with them. Gives you good site for Photography. You require atleast half a day to complete this. Altogether a must visit place near Bhubaneshwar.

What Guests Say about it is as follows 

It is a must see tourist attraction in Odisha, specially for history lovers.There are many ancient caves. Ramayana is engraved on some caves and many other hindu Gods -Godesses images ard carved on them. We took a guide who showed us gupt Ganga which flowes beneath the caves. There is steep climb, but worth doing so. Go there during day time so that you can see beautiful sun set from the hill. There is a jain temple on the top of the hill. You will be amazed to see the planning and architececture of rock caves.


The architectural detailing inside these caves are just stupendous!! These diligently made rock caves are to be seen. Keep 3-4 hours to stroll around and please hire a guide. If possible, plan your trip there a couple of hours before sunset and you can see the beautiful orange hue on the caves.. Sunset can be seen right across Khandagiri caves. Very pretty.


Amazing to see thousands of years old of cave dwellings and carvings. This has been rather decently preserved and full marks to the ASI and the public. Good half day activities for the family, exploring all the caves of udayagiri and skandagiri.


Without expecting anything Kings and Emperors have donated their heart and soul for the architecture. Eco System is well balanced every cave is taken care of eco system, sound system of those days without telephone. Privacy for Queens is excellently maintained. Hatigumpha Inscriptions should be protected which is the heart of information of these caves.


Udaygiri caves are ancient caves where a part of the epic Kalinga battle was waged. There are glimpses of ancient Buddhist and Jain sculptures, temples and inscriptions all over. The caves are divided into regions/zones.A visit with a guide is recommended who will explain each cave, its significance as well history associate with it. Do visit the topmost part of the hill where you get a brilliant view of Khandagiri Temple, Bhubaneswar City, the airport and its runway, etc. especially during sunset. Be mindful that the caves shut by 6 pm, so time yourselves accordingly.


We recently travelled to Udayagiri caves with family, which included children aged 5-13. This place is located close to Bhubaneswar and can be reached within 30 minutes by car. Udayagiri is a small hill can be climbed within 15-20 minutes of trekking. This can be done by children as well as healthy elderly. It is open area, so, remember to wear hats. Carry lot of water and juices to keep yourself well hydrated. There are many caves, which can be seen from top. One can take the service of guides to more about the history behind these caves. You also get a good view of Digamber Jain Mandir located on the adjacent Kandhagiri hill.

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