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U'khand to set up centre for education on wildlife conflicts

Dehradun: ina a key decision the state wildlife board has decided to set up a centre of excellence to mitigate human-wildlife conflicts and to impart knowledge about wildlife health to all the stakeholders, including local villagers, who would be stakeholders, including local villagers, who would be trained in the centre. divulging detail, forest minister subodh uniyal told TOI ," we want to strike a  fine balance between nature and humans .
    the main objective of the centre of exellence , wich would be the country's firdt such center, is to turn our forest into areas with abundant food and water sources so animals don't  have to venture into human habitation for their needs," 
    A  total of 995 people have died and 4,858 other  have sustained injuries in man animal conflicts since 2000 when uttrakhand is among the top three states, including west Bengal and karnataka , in terms of human- wildlife confict. with the help of local communities, primary response teams will be formed in the villages, which will work on forest and wildlife conservation . these teams will also be tasked, with preventing forest fires, officials said the authorities have also agreed to set up a wildlife rehabilitation -cum-disease surveillance centre in haldwani zoo to study the detailsof migratory birds and prevent the spread of diseases by them. in a related development , the state government is coming up with elaborate guidelnes for tourists visiting tiger reserves and protected areas. chief wildlife warden parag madhukar Dhakate said,"the visitors will have to strictly follow the guidlines and ensure that no step is taken whichwill harm the animal or lead to human-animal conflict ." Meawhile, the state wildlife board- inits 17th meeting chaired by chief minister pushkar singh Dhami on tuesday- gave its nod to send a proposal to the national wildlife Board seeking its clearance for ropeway  links to major pilgrimage sites inclunding kedarnath temple and hemkund sahib. the government had announced a 13-km ropeway project from sonpryag in rudraprayag district to kedarnath. the project will aid pilgrims who have to currently trek a  long distance to kedarnath from gaurikund.

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