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Tiruppur Tourism 2022 - Tiruppur Tour Packages


Tiruppur or Tiruppur is a city in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. Tiruppur is the administrative headquarters of Tiruppur district and the fifth largest city as well as an urban agglomeration in Tamil Nadu. Located on the banks of Noyyal River, it has been ruled at different times, by the Early Pandyas, Medieval Cholas, Later Cholas, Mysore Kingdom and the British. It is about 450 kilometres (280 mi) southwest of the state capital Chennai about 50 kilometres (31 mi) east of Coimbatore 50 kilometres (31 mi) south of Erode and 50 kilometres (31 mi) north of Dharapuram.

Tiruppur is administered by municipal corporation which was established in 2008 and the total area of the corporation is 159.6 km2 divided into 60 wards. The total population of the city as per the 2011 census is 877,778. Tiruppur is a part of the Tiruppur constituency that elects its member of parliament.

Tiruppur is a major textile and knit wear hub contributing to 90% of total cotton knit wear exports from India. The textile industry provides employment to over six lakh people and contributed to exports worth ₹200 billion (US$2.6 billion) in 2014–15.

The name Tiruppur is said to have emerged during the Mahabharata era. According to legends, the cattle herds of Pandavas were stolen by thieves and the same was recaptured by Arjuna's forces resulting in the name "Thiruppur" (Thiruppu meaning "to turn" and oor meaning "a place" in Tamil) meaning "place where they were returned".

Tiruppur formed a part of the Kongu Nadu region ruled by the Cheras during Sangam period. The region was part of a prominent Roman trade route that connected east and west coasts of India. The medieval Cholas conquered the Kongu Nadu in the tenth century CE and Chola stone carvings mention Kanchi Maanadhi (Noyyal River) and the fertile sand that it deposited on its banks.

The region came under the rule of the Vijayanagara Empire by the 15th century and later Palayakkarars, the chieftains of Madurai Nayaks ruled the region. In the later part of the 18th century, the region came under the Kingdom of Mysore, following a series of wars with the Madurai Nayak Dynasty. After the defeat of Tipu Sultan in the Anglo-Mysore Wars, the British East India Company annexed the region into the Madras Presidency in 1799.

Tiruppur was an agricultural town with irrigated farms and the farmers became small owners of various textile related units during the 1970s. The boom in the textile industry led to an inter woven network of the small scale units leading to growth of the city into a major textile hub. Tiruppur became a municipal corporation in 2008 and a separate Tiruppur district was carved out from parts of Coimbatore district and Erode district in 2009.

Area: 159.6 km²,
Telephone code: +91-421
Metro population9,63,173


Package G N G RRTP 1: 1Night 2 Days Stay in Hotel + Sightseeing Tiruppur Corporation Park + Breakfast + Dinner

Package G N G RRTP 2:  1 Night 2 Days Stay in Home Stay in Tiruppur + Sightseeing Fun Town tiruppur theme park + Breakfast + Dinner

Package G N G RRTP 3: 2 Night 3 Days Stay in Home Stay + Sightseeing Arulmigu Avinashi Lingeshwarar Temple + Darshan + Aarti + Breakfast + Dinner

Package G N G RRTP 4: 2 Night 3 Days Stay in Hotel + Sightseeing  Sri Sukreeswarar Temple + Darshan + Aarti + Breakfast + Dinner

Package G N G RRTP 5: 2 Night 3 Days Stay in Hotel + Sightseeing  Tirupur Shirdi SaiBaba Temple + Darshan + Aarti + Breakfast + Dinner 


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Package G N G RRCTOKMP 1: 1 Night Stay in Coimbatore + 1 Night Stay in Tiruppur & Ooty + Shightseeing place + Breakfast + Dinner
Package G N G RRCTOKMP 2:    3 Nights / 4 Days Tiruppur - Kodaikanal Tour + Shightseeing place + Breakfast + Dinner

Package G N G RRCTOKMP 3:  1 Night Stay in Munnar + 1 Night Stay in Tiruppur + 1 Night Stay in Ooty + Sightseeing Place + Breakfast + Dinner

Package G N G RRCTOKMP 4:  1 Night Stay in Palakkad + 1 Night Stay in Coimbatore + 1 Night Stay in Tiruppur + Sightseeing Place + Breakfast + Dinner

Breakfast + Dinner 


Package G N G RRTP 1 1 Day Selected Cab for Tiruppur & Kodaikanal Tour + Pickup and Drop from Tiruppur Hotel 

Package G N G RRTP 2: 1 Day Selected Cab for Tiruppur & Ooty Tour + Pickup and Drop from Tiruppur Railway Station 

Package G N G RRTP 3: 1 Day Selected Cab for Tiruppur & Palani Tour + Pickup and Drop from Tiruppur Bus Stand

Package G N G RRTP 4: 1 Day Selected Cab for Tiruppur & Munnar Tour + Pickup and Drop from Tiruppur Hotel 

Package G N G RRTP 5: 1 Day Selected Cab for Tiruppur & Hogennakal Falls Tour + Pickup and Drop from Tiruppur Railway Station 

 in Hotel + Sightseeing  Tirupur Shirdi SaiBaba Temple + Darshan + Aarti + Breakfast + Dinner 



Tiruppur is not well connected to other major cities of the country via regular flights. The nearest airport is in Coimbatore at a distance of 38kms.


There is no regular trains to Tiruppur from other major cities of the country. The nearest Railway station is at Erode which is located at a distance of 45kms.


The major highways connecting Tiruppur are  Palladam – Tiruppur – Avinashi ( (SH-19),  Tiruppur – Dharapuram(SH-37 ),  Tiruppur – Gobichettipalayam (SH-196/SH-81),  Tiruppur – Somanur (SH-169 ), Tiruppur – Kangeyam (SH-172 ). Tiruppur is well connected by moffusil bus services to all major towns and cities across Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh. The city has two major bus stands Old bus stand and New Bus stand. 


January: The air is slightly humid with average humidity being 61% and the average temperature is 76℉. The weather is perfectly balmy making it a great time to visit Tiruppur. The maximum temperature recorded in this month is 90℉. An ideal season to visit Tiruppur. The average precipitation recorded around this time is 0.5 mm.

February-March: Warm and pleasant day time temperatures, coupled with right amount of dampness in the air makes this, the best time to visit Tirupur. The days are sunny, and the average temperature is 83℉ which is just perfect to put on those sneakers and go exploring Tirupur. This time period sees an average precipitation of 18.91 mm.

April: The almost oppressive temperatures ranging between 73℉ and 104℉ may make you think otherwise, but thanks to a humidity of 55%, the month of April is considered a good time to visit Tirupur. It gets better if you are someone who dreads the cold, thanks to an average temperature of 88℉! Expect an average precipitation of 1.22 mm.

May-July: With average humidity of 71%, temperatures sway between 72℉ to 102℉. Now this may cause a little discomfort, but we are sure not complaining! This weather is perfect to go sightseeing around the city of Tirupur. This time period sees an average precipitation of 48.41 mm.

August-November: The time has been observed as the peak season to visit Tirupur and rightly so. The temperatures range between 68℉ and 93℉ and the humidity that has been observed to be a usual of 77% marking the perfect climate to head out and check out the best things to do in Tirupur. Expect an average precipitation of 55.8 mm.

December: If you are contemplating the best time to visit Tirupur, the month of December fits the bill just right. The weather is nice and sultry with the lowest temperature being around 64℉ and the warmest being a usual 91℉. Albeit a humidity of 70%, December marks a good time to explore the best things to do in Tirupur. Expect an average precipitation of 34.42 mm. 


1. Arulmigu Avinashi Lingeshwarar Temple
2. FUN TOWN tirupur theme park
3. Sri Sukreeswarar Temple
4. Tiruppur Corporation Park
5. Tiruppur Kumaran Memorial Pillar
6. Tirupur Shirdi SaiBaba Temple
7. Nalmaneeswarar temple
8. Avinashi Temple
9. Thirumoorthi Dam
10. Amaravathi Crocodile Farm
11. Ayyan Kovil
12. Sivanmalai
13. Uttukuli Murugan Temple
14. Sugriveswar Temple
15. Indira Gandhi Wildlife Sanctuary 


2. Brindhavan Hotel
3. Hotel MKM Rich
4. Poppys Vista Hotel
6. Poppys Tower Hotel
7. Hotel Sri Sakthi
8. SA Residency
9. Gayathri Hotels
13. RK Residency
14. Zip By Spree Hotels Le Pebble - Tirupur
15. Ginger Tirupur
16. Hotel Maniam Classic
17. The Richman Hotel
18. Hotel - The Home
19. Hotel Paradise Inn
20. Hotel Sri Surya 


1. Aroma Restaurant
2. Bay Grill House Restaurant
3. Barbeque Nation - Tirupur - Veera's Avenue
4. Liquid Rooftop Restaurant & Lounge
5. Junior Kuppanna
6. Swaad Mantra Garden & A / c Restaurant
7. Kapilavasthu Restaurant
8. The Bay Grill
9. Vanavil Hot Chicken
10. Kannimara Family Restaurant
11. Annapoorna veg restaurants near sweets tirupur
12. Gowri Krishna
13. Aparna Garden - Tirupur's Best Restaurant
15. Wagon Street  


1. Spice home villa
3. Travelers and Backpackers Home Stay
4. Pranov Residency Peace STAY
5. Rubyrooms
6. Sremethila Homestay
7. Sweet Home stay
8. Rs Home Stay
9. C3 Spice Homestay Apartment
10. Hotel Raamus 


QUESTION: What is the famous of Tirupur?

ANSWER: Tiruppur has gained universal recognition as the leading source of Hosiery, Knitted Garments, Casual Wear and Sportswear. The city accounts for 90 % of India's cotton knitwear export, worth an estimated US$ 1 bn. Tiruppur is basically a traditional centre for cotton ginning.

QUESTION: What is tiruppur called?

ANSWER:  Tiruppur is also known as the knitwear capital of India, accounting for 90% of India's cotton knitwear export. It has spurred up the textile industry in India for the past three decades. It contributes to a huge amount of foreign exchange in India.

QUESTION: Is it Tirupur or tiruppur?

ANSWER: Tirupur also known as India's “Banian City” is located in the South Indian State of Tamil Nadu. The place is surrounded by famous districts like the Coimbatore – The Manchester of India and Erode. Located near the banks of Noyyal River, Tirupur is the district headquarters of Tirupur District.

QUESTION: Is tiruppur city or town?

ANSWER: Tiruppur, a Textile city, is the Administrative Head Quarters of Tiruppur District and is one of the most important industrial centers of Tamil Nadu. The town is situated at a distance of 448 KMs to the South-West of State Capital Chennai and at the intersection 70 ° 22' Longitude and 11 °6' Latitude.

QUESTION: Is tiruppur rural or urban?

ANSWER: Tirupur District Population of Rural and Urban - Out of total population of Tirupur, 2,751,748 in the district, 1,521,111 are in urban area and 957,941 are in rural area. 429,023 households are in urban, 283,187 are in rural area. 1,149,249 literate people are in urban, 611,317 are in rural area.

QUESTION: Which district is Tirupur?

ANSWER: Tirupur an obsure town in Coimbatore District has been placed in the knitwear map of global apart from catering to the whole India. The success story of Tirupur can be mainly attributed to the entrepreneurial skills of the people coupled with hard work, commitment to the job.

QUESTION: How many cities are there in Tiruppur district?

ANSWER:  There are a total of 49 towns in Tiruppur district.

QUESTION: How many villages are there in Tiruppur district?

ANSWER: Tirupur is a Town and Taluk in Tirupur district of Tamil Nadu state in India. Total number of villages in this Taluk is 21.

QUESTION: Tirupur a corporation or municipality?

ANSWER: Tiruppur City Municipal Corporation. Tiruppur started off as a small union and became a town with the inclusion of Thennampalayam, Karuvampalayam and Valipalayam villages on 1st of December 1917. It was constituted as a Third Grade Municipality then.

QUESTION: How many town panchayat are there in Tirupur?

ANSWER:  Tirpur has 16 different Town Panchayats which are Muthur, Rudravathi, Kannivadi, Mulanur, Kolathupalayam, Chinnakkampalayam, Avinashi (also spelled as Avanashi), Dhali, Madathukulam, Kaniyur, Komaralingam, Samalapuram, Sankaramanallur, Thirumuruganpoondi, Kunnathur and Uthukuli.

QUESTION: How many wards are there in Tirupur?

ANSWER: The Tiruppur civic polls will be held in February this year. The corporation consists of 60 wards each represented by a councilor. The Mayor elected by the council is the leader of the civic body.

QUESTION: When did Tiruppur become district?

ANSWER: Subsequently, the New District was inaugurated on 22.02. 2009 by the Hon'ble Minister for Rural Development.

QUESTION: What are the best places for fun & games in Tiruppur?

ANSWER: These places are best for fun & games in Tiruppur:
Sri Sakthi Cinemas
Fun Town Tirupur
Resto Fun Park


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