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Places to Visit in Mussoorie

Sightseeing in Mussoorie or Places to Visit in Mussoorie are as follows :

1. Kempty Falls

The Kempty Falls are situated on the hilly tracks of Uttarakhand, India, 13 km from Mussoorie on the Chakrata Road. It is nearly 1364 meters above sea level. 
Important information about this place provided by our tourists who visited it recently : 

"Take a bath in the fall and stand below the falls. A great experience and shoulder massage. Also ahead of water fall further down you have boating. Carry your swimsuit and towels"

"We visited the most common and talked about tourist spot in mussouri.its something 15 km off the mall road..The falls are breath taking we took the ropeway down ..but when we reached down the sight is pretty sad..There is so much of commercialisation around the falls..looks like a pool party rather. .would recommend trying the pond that is above the area rather than below..OK for a first time visit ..There are plenty of eating options along the way.."

"Waterfall is good but the crowd makes it bad for families around. It has become a congested place,parking in peak season is also a problem. Food joints here are not hygienic."

"I was there in summer days(April) so its very relaxing and cool experience over there, Best place to visit in Mussoorie, the only thing which is lacking is that don't have proper changing rooms for ladies... other wise the place is awesome and don't forget to try rope way there, it have nice view:-)"

2. Bhatta Fall : Really Great place and not crowded so you can listen to the sounds of waterfalls all the time, just one problem that the road is very steep and curvy.. Just drive carefully while going down.

Important information about this place provided by our tourists who visited it recently :  

"Free parking. Lots of place for family picnic.
Cold water give you a nice sanitation. Rating 4 stars.
Negative side, empty plastic bottles and chips packing garbage are everywhere "

"Bhatta fall is located near mussoorie. Its more than 30 feet fall with enchanting natural beauty. The road cuts from mussoorie higway to this. When entering there, a nominal charge by PWD department is taken for parking and for the people. When you approach the place you will find very steep slope, so drive very carefully. The parking is just 100 meters away from the spot. Its wonderful place to visit once."

"Nice place to go if you are looking for a water fall in mussoorie.

Specially given the fact that not many people are aware of it and most of the people head straight off to Kempty falls so you can find some peace here.
It also has some dhabas and you should definitely have some hot tea and maggi here."

"These falls on Dehradun Road are located about 10 Kilometers from Mussoorrie. Excellent place, but not maintained properly. It could have been a better attraction comparing to Kempty falls in Mussoorie. No proper place to sit and enjoy except one small shop selling some cold drinks and wafers."

3. Camel's Back Road : This road is an excellent walkway with picturesque views, tranquil and relaxing, an amazing option for a stroll.

Important information about this place provided by our tourists who visited it recently : 

"Get ready with your shoes on,go for a Walk , Jog or take a By Cycle on rent.This place is beautiful,you will see small shops selling- Maggie, Biscuits, omelets n tea, sit down for a while a sip a cup of tea with your choice of food. Binoculars n Telescope are available to take a view of the wilderness around, believe me its a treat for your eyes."

"Camels back road is surprisingly close to the crowded parts of Mussoorie. You can go for a long quiet walk on this road in you want to feel relaxed and look at green valley/mountains in front of you. The entire road is concretized so and for most of the stretch there is very little/no change in elevation. Additionally there are several places with benches and shelter to sit and relax. One strange things was despite its reputation and charm number of tourists on this road was close to 0 when we visited. There were a few locals occasionally passing by. Given that I would perhaps be somewhat careful about venturing too far on this road after dark."

"Best suited for after 4.30pm in summers and anytime in the winter, we were saved by the pram we took for our 4 year old.

It was like a one and a half hour leisure walk and we found some cyclists passing by too.

A very calm and quiet place behind the mountain that connects to both ends of the Mall Road.

Go only if you like a looong stroll. And yes some tea stalls on the way too."

"here were so many people who were showing differen camels from different point but we were not able to cee properly and we have visited complete 2.5 km by walk to see camels in mountain finally one telescopic person shown Camels like rock on the top of the gun Hill. That's it"
4. Lal Tibba : This place is away from the hustle bustle of mussourie. Binoculars have been placed upon two double storey buildings. But the quite walk upto the lal tibba is enjoyable along with the picturesque view of the valley.
Important information about this place provided by our tourists who visited it recently : 

"great place to sit & meditate. on a clear day can see the himalayan range. . you can order some food from the cafe and sit and enjoy the view/breeze. very boring if you are looking for an "activity/ something to do"

"what to say about this place?? super view of Doon valley.. i suggest please visit this place early in morning.. i was there at 9 AM so its too late for enjoy beauty of this place, and enjoy Cold Coffee in cool atmosphere to refresh your mood."

"Visit on a clear sky and you get a view of the magnificent Himalayas! Try to make it early in the morning (before 10), thats when the morning light catches the mountains the best. Entry fee is small.. Rs 20.

Dont be fooled by the local photographers who tell you they'll take a picture of you with the mountains in the background. We paid 150 for a photo print and the guy pulled out a point and shoot camera :| . Needless to say, it dint capture it well enough like the sample pictures they show you. Neither was it framed well and we got parts of the bench and someones bag in the frame too! Please dont be coyed by their long lines of how it is their profession etc. Just enjoy the view."

"Lal tibba is a place which is amazing to have a drive with frnds . I recommend to go till the end (language school). On the way one can see breathtaking views . This place luks amazing in winters with all snow covered n ppl enjoying the beauty"

"Though the highest point in Mussoorie there is no point visiting this place if you see haze or mist.
I am sure the view must be great when the sky is clear. Early mornings recommended we were then told.
There are two tea shops on who's terraces telescopes have been kept. You need to pay Rs 20 per person to watch the Himalayas. The taxi waits for an hour in their package."

"Lal Tibba is the highest point in Mussoorie. You can view a maximum length of this hill station if whether is clear. There is nothing to do but you must have good long focus length camera or travel telescope with you to catch the scenery. Reaching to this point is somehow risky as the the path for the drive is very narrow and single and there is a big high distance. You must drive your car very carefully."

"Highest point of mussoorie.nothing more than this.

Weather should be clear for view.nothing much to do"

5. Company Garden : Most beautiful place to visit in Mussoorie very well maintained good work by the locals... Man made waterfall gives more charm to this garden. 
Important information about this place provided by our tourists who visited it recently : 

"We visited this place enrout to mall road back from visiting kempty falls..There is a nominal entry ticket the garden has rows and rows of flower beds..arranged in treacle garden style ..There are couple of swings down as well as a boating area..There is food court as well which has a variety of food outlets. .A nice place near the mall road to spend an evening with a loves one in peace the view and the cool breeze makes it a nice loving place for a beautiful evening"

"We stayed in Mall Road and took rickshaw to reach company garden. Up and down and waiting together cost 300. Even few ppl walked to reach garden. Entry fee is 18 per head. Nursery was good with variety for flowers. Other than that remaining was not good. The mini waterfalls was under maintenance on the day we went which was quite disappointing. We saw there was a wax museum inside garden. Entry for museum is 100 per head. It was total waste of money. Not worth for money. Other than that it was just for time pass"

"every tour taxi rates this garden as must see and teh so called wax musemn was pathetic hardly 20 statues"

"Also known as Municipal Garden, Its a usual garden, nothing extra ordinary, just has a few fun rides for kids,small pound for boating and a wax museum. Don't try the food here,the food joints are not clean,Maggie n Omelets are the safest choice here. The wax museum is not that great either. Photographers keep on asking you to get clicked in different attire n postures. Not too far from mall road so you can visit it once."

"It is develop by Municipality of Mussoorie, not too much attractive.. please visit in Evening like 4-5 PM, you have to pay 50 rs for Parking and 18 rs each for entry.. so its not worth and place is very far from city, visit if you have extra time.. otherwise average place."

"Lovely garden. You can get there by cycle ricks only which is quite a nice experience too. Lots of lovely flowers. It can get a bit crowded so getting a pic of yourself might be a challenge. Lots of local photographers to bug you to sign up for their 'professional' pictures. We tried one and was fooled. I guess it might just be your luck."

6. Soham Heritage & Art Center :  Displays the spiritual aspect of Himalayas dominating the art forms and visualize the religion and culture of the tribal communities, their folklore n traditions thru various artifacts. The only one of its kind Centre z a must visit if you are a history buff or keen knowledge gainer of our willfully bygone culture abandoned under the desperate need of modernization.

Important information about this place provided by our tourists who visited it recently : 

"I am a professional photographer and the black an white pics of Uttarakhand, Ladakh and Tibet displayed in the museum just floored me. It is a treasure in mussoorie just do not miss it if you are here."

"I visited Soham Heritage & Art Culture on the auspicious day of Shivratri and the moment I entered this place I felt as if i am in the Heaven, everything their has left me speechless the beautiful Chamunda Peeth Temple the most vibrant place ;Art Gallery the paintings on wall , canvasses, sculptures ; Museum where the Himalayan culture is perfectly portrayed and the most impressing part was Shakti where Mrs. Shukla imparts free education to poor children, She said "Her objective is to empower girls via education".
The guidance and hospitality by Mr. and Mrs. Shukla was very impressing. It is such a wonderfully peaceful place where one must visit to know the heritage of Himalayan culture, its tradition and traditional art and craft."

"A place which is must visit if you really want to know the heritage of Himalayan culture, its tradition and traditional art and craft. The SOHAM is created by a motivated couple, Sameer and Kavita and truly they have created a wonder in the city with their hard work, motivation and exemplary creativity and mind it it is all without any organisational support. One must visit the place with open mind to admire the beauty. Artifacts are available to purchase and remember to park your vehicle on the main road."

"I am lucky that my daughter has been studying at Wynberg Allen School at Mussoorie. It is because of this reason, that I am fortunate, to have come across and visited Soham Art & Heritage Museum located at Mussoorie.

What a wonderful effort by Dr. Kavita Shukla and Sameer Shukla, to jointly develop this place with the sole aim of preserving and showcasing the art and culture of Uttarakhand. The museum has hordes of bewitching paintings depicting Garhwali and Kumaonies Culture. All these captivating frames have been painted by Dr. Kavita Shukla over the last many years. Kudos to her effort. In addition museum holds many art facts depicting the life of habitants of Uttarakhand hills.
The mesmerizing scenic beauty overlooking the Doon valley from the museum is truly magical. The place also have a small temple which provides peace and tranquility to the whole place.A must see place, worth visiting and spending time at. "

7. Cloud's End : This is the highest point in the Mussourie district which gives an amazing view of the Doon Valley, Yamuna River and the town of Mussoorie. This give an blissful approach of nature which is just a pleasure to the eyes.

Important information about this place provided by our tourists who visited it recently : 

"If you like to be in woods, it is the place for you, wonderful scenery. A destination for biking. I visited the way upto Cloud End Resort and that was too good. The roads were covered with fog, making a very romantic atmosphere. Just loved this place. Best place in my opinion in Mussoorie."

"Clouds end is a very popular destination, which is suggested by a lot of guides. It is a good 12 kms away from mall road,we booked a car for the entire day as it was more economical.The view from Clouds end is good, but Mussoorie provides you with great view from any point.Once you reach clouds end, there are two points i.e. View Point & Echo Point.Entry is charged at Rs 50 per person."

"Place is little difficult to reach but worth visiting. It is very isolated from the main Mussoorie, you will see very few people at Cloud's End Resort, it was totally pollution free, very natural, with great view of clouds, mountains and forests. Totally worth to visit."

"Its a difficult drive up but one that is well worth it just for the view. The walk at the end to the viewing point can be difficult if you are not fit."

8. Gun Hill : There are two options to reach gun hill. One is through walk and other is rope way,known for the excellent views on a clear day. There used to be a Gun on this hill. Due to that the place is called as Gun Hill. There is also a big tank of water for supply in mussoorie. 

Important information about this place provided by our tourists who visited it recently : 

"We took rope way. Up and down 100 per person. Only going through rope way is good. Tat too the window is not tat clear to view the scenery. On the top of gun hill it was only small games small shops and small food places. The place is a little walk on the mall road..The ropeway takes us to the hill within 2to 3 minutes ..There is a temple at the top along with rows of food shops to snack. .also there are games to keep the children occupied also a few places which with telescope which show various view around the place. .Over all a nice place to spend 1 2 hours and catch a birds view of mussoorie"

"Himalayan view from top, Good Place if you are looking for some peace from the fast and rush of the market. You will get some photography option with local cultural dresses"

"Nice experience. On reaching gunhill point, you will enjoy the sight of everything around you. But this is a small distance ride with good gradient. In g point you will be welcomed with some more photographic experience in local attire. Air gun shooting, bow and arrow shooting skill experience. Enjoy everything. Don't mind expenses. Try to become happier. What you spend today can be earned tomorrow.. But live today. Take your binoculars."

"Nice view of the valley with some good activities around. One can easily spend 1-2 hours. However, it gets chilly in evening so carry warm clothes."

9. Shedup Choepelling Temple​ : A small Buddhist temple in calm place. Nice valley view from temple compound. Located at scenic view point. One can spend good evening time here

Important information about this place provided by our tourists who visited it recently : 

"Had visited this temple in the evening. It's very clean n peaceful place. One should visit this place to spend some quality time. View of the hill is also very beautiful from here. This is in the way back from kempty fall to Mussorie if you have enjoyed the fall and want to sit n admire the scenic view of hill this is the best place"

"Though its small but nice, clean and well kept monastery.its in happy valley. There is a Buddha statue on top of the hill. Would not recommend the statue visit for old and kids as one needs to climb a lot before reaching the top"

"It's near to the Company garden, however, walking from Company garden to the temple would have taken may be around half an hour, so we preferred a taxi, as it was getting late in the evening. That way, we reached there in about 5 minutes from Company garden. It is located downhill and the place is called Happy valley. On the way there is the LBS IAS academy. The view of mountains from the temple campus is great. The temple is colorful and looked vibrant, just like any other monastery. There were hardly any tourists there and hence it was very calm and peaceful. One can spend up to an hour there. The view of monastery residences is also quite striking."

"If one is on vacations to be away from the chaotic and confused daily life and wants some peace, this is one of the best place to visit as it is away from the main city of Mussoorie and also provides beautiful front view covered with dense forest. You can enjoy the Sunset with the monks chanting in the background. As Gautam Buddha said "The Way is not in the sky, the Way is in the heart" you will feel the same at this place."

10. Mussoorie Christ Church : The church as beautiful Gothic Architecture and nearly 200 year old church organ. The church is full of plaques from 19th and 20th century as a memoriam of its worshippers from last two centuries!. If you love visiting churches and architecture! Do not miss it..

Important information about this place provided by our tourists who visited it recently : 

"The church is about two hundred years old and hold trees older than a century. The coloured glasses shine with sunlight and create a beautiful effect. The view from where the church stands is scenic specially at sunset."

"One of the most prominent visitors of Christ Church include the Princess of Wales who came here in 1906 and planted a Deodar sapling in the church yard. Today, a beautiful tree stands tall which acts as a memorabilia and is shown to the visitors. Then there is not-to-miss William Hill organ (in the Church itself) which dates back to more than 100 years."

"Ita a very nice & beautiful chruch located at mall road.Its a nice & perfect example of british architect.Its a must & worth visiting church"

11.  Happy Valley​ : Wonderfull place. quiet, calling for meditation, rest, or whatever you are looking for except noise and crowd... beautifull temple and amazing place to climb to under colorfull flags

Important information about this place provided by our tourists who visited it recently : 

"Its Tibetan temple there, very colourful. Amazing view from the view point, you can see Tibetan homes and school and flags. People who like peace should visit that place for sure. Mantra cycle of life cylinders are there, so you can have an experience of Tibetan monks."

"We walked by mistake through the Tibetan School and were helped along by many adults smiling and kind. We were looking for the Tibetan Temple in Happy Valley (beautiful and peaceful)."

"Happy valley is situated in quite area near Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration.Many children can be seen here who lives in hostel for study. They are from different parts of India, some of them are from Nepal and Tibet. Children's are very innocent. Everyone lives happily here.It's a worth visiting place."

12.  George Everest's HouseThis place is around half n hour away from Mussoorie, and is a common picnic spot for local youth. One side there is uninterrupted view of Dehradoon while another side close Himalayan range. This place is better known for Sir George Everest, who used to study about this mountain range from this place. But Government has failed to maintain the legacy of such an important person, after whom Everest has been named. 

Important information about this place provided by our tourists who visited it recently : 

"When visiting the George Everest House, we were told that this place has historic value but we were disappointed to see that it was a house left to ruin with graffiti all over the place. 
But the view from this point was good, and a good place to eat Wai Wai (chicken) and tea (Do not try the aloo paratha from the stalls)
This spot seemed to be popular among youngsters, as we saw groups of guys and girls and children playing football with monks.
Nice place but don't expect much of history."

"Good valley view.... In case you wish to c entire Dehradoon den would suggest landour... Good nice secluded place and so much better road."

"The house is just a shell. It was quite an anticlimax, actually :-( .... however, we walked down the road from the house to the valley and that was just divine! The pure fresh air, the scent of the forest and tall, tall trees all around made it a memorable couple of hours!"

13.  Jharipani Falls : Offbeat place in laps of Mussoriee hills. You can enjoy a small trek in serene environment away from the hustle of Mussoriee. Enjoy the cold and pure water of this fall.

Important information about this place provided by our tourists who visited it recently : 

"A must visit place for the one who loves to explore nature. It's the perfect place if you are in a mood to refresh yourself in a calm and serene place. It offers you with an amazing view at every step. There is a beautiful waterfall with trees around. If you love nature you would love this place too!"

"Very nice and nice view we enjoy very much and weather is so cool falls excellent and I feel so comfortable, trekking place, enjoyable in rainy seasons only, it’s so beautiful. Wonderful if you need quiet alone time"

IF you have time you can also visit following places in mussoorie. 

> Library Bazaar

>Jwala Devi Temple

>Mussoorie Adventure Park

>Nag Devta Temple

>Mussoorie Heritage Centre


>Benog Wildlife Sanctuary

>Binog Mountain Quail Wildlife Sanctuary

>Jabarkhet Wildlife Reserve

>SKY WALK Dhanaulti

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