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Residents urge govt to treat Landslide zone in Mussoorie

Mussoorie: A major landslide zone created on Mussoorie-Dehradun road near the Galogi power station has been causing frequent landslides during the rainy season for the past two years. Residents alleged that hundreds of tourists and locals were stuck at this site almost every day during the past year and the state government had promised to get this site treated as a priority but to date, work has not commenced.
"This landslide zone was created during the rains nearly two years ago. Since then this patch is subject to frequent landslides causing roadblocks and at times also damaging vehicles but its treatment has not yet started," said Rajat Aggarwal, president of the traders' association.
Sanjay Agarwal, president of Mussoorie hotels' association, said that during the last rains, landslides at this point were so frequent that two JCBs had to be parked permanently at the site to clear the road and large numbers of tourists and local residents were stuck at the site almost every day.
Residents are upset with the fact that to date, treatment work has not been started at Galogi, and with rains barely a month away this year too, landslides would affect tourism.
"Frequent landslides and roadblocks not only caused difficulties for tourists but also brought a bad name to Mussoorie resulting in significantly affecting tourism during the months of July and August last year," Sanjay Agarwal added. Meanwhile, Hugh Gantzer, a member of the Supreme Court monitoring committee on environmental issues of Doon Valley and Mussoorie, argued that the treatment should have started as soon as the landslides started taking place.
"Landslides are common on this road. Plantation of wide-rooted local plants, construction of shallow drains with steps in steep areas, clearing of loose soil, and construction of embankments at the affected site are some simple treatment measures that should have been taken up," Gantzer said. Notably, apart from connecting a tourist town like Mussoorie, this route forms part of the Char Dham Yatra circuit and a large number of pilgrims take this route to go to Yamunotri.

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