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Rainfall in Agra, mercury drops by 6 degrees Celsius

Agra: Twenty minutes of rainfall in the Agra region on Sunday afternoon resulted in a drop in the mercury level by 6 degrees celsius. The temperature, which had increased over 42 degrees Celsius early in the afternoon, dropped to 36 degrees Celsius in the evening. Agriculture department officials claimed that the rainfall will be beneficial for maize, bajra, pulses, vegetable, and fruits grown in the region. According to the meteorological department, there is a possibility of rainfall for the next two days.
Meanwhile, the speedy wind caused damage to electricity polls and hoardings. In Rampura village, the wall of a furniture store fell down. Besides, the city witnessed waterlogging in different parts.
Chief medical officer of Agra district, AK Srivastava said, "Changing weather conditions require some basic precautions to stay fit. There has been an increase in the number of patients with fever and diarrhea in government hospitals. People must stick to a balanced diet. Regular water intake will be beneficial. Maintenance of sanitation and hygiene should be a high priority. Children should be taken special care of."

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