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Radhanagari Wildlife Sanctuary, Maharashtra Tour Packages

Radhanagari Wildlife Sanctuary, Maharashtra

Located in the Western Ghats, the Radhanagari Wildlife Sanctuary, blessed with a rich and diverse flora and fauna, is a must-do weekend break for wildlife enthusiasts in Maharashtra

State: Maharashtra 
Distance: 475 km SE of Mumbai Travel 
When to go: The sanctuary is closed between June and October. November-December has fine weather. It can get really hot, really chilly and really wet, in different seasons. Be prepared for November rains. April is hot, but good for animal sightings

Getting there
Rail: Nearest railhead: Kankavli (54 km/1 hr)
Road: NH17 to Tarele via Chiplun and Rajapur. Turn left at Tarele for Phonda Ghat, 18 km away. Dajipur is 12 km from here. You can also drive down via Pune and Kolhapur.

Getting in early is the key to this forest reserve. Even the small unusual birds that hop around the government guest house precincts disappear after nine in the morning. Similarly, jungle life also begins early, and the animals retire before it gets too hot. If you do not get moving when the light is beginning to seep into the sky, you might end up spending your entire time up in the tall jungle watchtower aimlessly staring at your jeep in the empty grassland, without a single sighting. Bison point, the most popular lookout point, is a good 25 km in the interior of the reserve, and it takes 21/2 hrs of being driven on dirt road tracks to get here.

En route, you might see a paradise fly catcher fly past the jeep’s windows in a rapid flurry of white; an index-finger sized sunbird in jewel colours; a wild rooster dashing before you, panicked by the jeep, almost forgetting it can fly away; clusters of unseen male cicadas fluttering their wings and collectively generating that peculiar buzzing sound, then suddenly switching off in perfect unison. Then again, there are those rare, noiseless stretches in the forest, where fronds of moss hang from anjan trees and bend over the karviundergrowth. The karvi, just one of the surprises of this forest, lives flowerless for six years and in its seventh, dies in a swan song of purple flowers that seem to carpet every inch of the forest floor.

Things to see and do
Early mornings and late evenings are the best times to visit the sanctuary, which lets visitors in from 6.00am to 6.00pm; make the most of it. Visitors have the option of either trekking through the long stretches of kuccha road to the heart of the jungle with their guide, or travelling in a jeep. The topography here is ever changing, from thick forest with undergrowth so dense that even if there is an animal next to you, you won’t see it, to large open meadows of dry grass and wildflowers on a bed of bauxite, where bison come to graze. A large canopy of blue skies crowns the landscape.

Just a few steps down a forest path the Konkan lies spread out before you. There are layers upon layers of mauve hills, sunlight playing over vast stretches of green; lakes in the distance and beyond them, more mountains. A small hamlet gleams in the evening sun.

Karud Ghat, Govandsari Kurli Dam reservoir, Dhamni Dam reservoir and Phonda Ghat are some of the popular tourist spots where the vistas are spectacular.

Down in the village of Dajipur, which is named in honour of the engineer of the dams, is a circular, youthfully designed display hall that tells you more about the inhabitants of the forest, has large mounted labelled photographs and interactive quizzes on display, and pug marks of important forest inhabitants (interspersed with human pug marks!) cast in plaster, in the Hollywood tradition.

Take a walk down to Sunset Point, a few feet away from the large arch that marks the beginning of the Sindhudurg area, and join the tourists trying to carry home a precise memory of this place in the form of a photograph.

Laxmi Talao
If you are staying at Radhanagari, it is well worth the effort to climb the few steps up to see those shores of the Laxmi Talao, the reservoir lake of the Radhanagari Dam. There is a cluster of old ruins on an island in the reservoir where Shahuji is said to have occasionally rested. 


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