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Puri Beach

The Puri beach is a long continuous stretch of beautiful golden sand. The waters aren't too rough. There are always tons of people around so it's a of fun. The beach is only slightly dirty, I have personally seen a lot worst. In the evening, towards the east side, a lot of local vendors set up their stalls and it is a lot of fun to roam around in the night too. Would advise you to go there twice, once in the afternoon to enjoy the ocean and the beach and once in the evening to enjoy the stalls and just walking along the road.

Would Recommend: Ask any private life guards to take you to the ocean in a tube. They basically make you wear a tube and holding your hand take you a few meters inside the ocean, where you can ride the waves. Normally charge Rs.150-Rs.100. No prior knowledge of swimming required. Also carry towels, some water to wash off the fine sand, as no such facility is available on the beach.

Would not recommend: The street food. I didn't like any of it, whether it was the puchkas or the mixed chaat or the sea food. Preferably eat sea food from any restaurant with a good curry.

What our Guest says i as follows

1. Beach is beautiful, but crowded and dirty in places

We stayed on a secluded and off-the-circuit part of Puri beach (western-most part, near Hans Coco Palms), also known as Swargadwar beach. In this part, the beach was clean and had very little crowd. The sunrise was beautiful and peaceful. We could see local people coming and praying to the sea or to the sun just after sunrise. No hawkers, vendors or crowd here.

The main part of the beach is a different story though. It's probably the most crowded part of Puri apart from Jagannath temple. There's thousands of hawkers selling fried seafood, trinkets, toys, and what not. Right on the beach. A huge number of hotels are also located on this stretch, as are most of the proper shops (like booze, restaurants, clothes, bakeries and even pharmacies). The evenings here are crazy with traffic jams, fist-fights and what not.


Its a long stretch of golden sands, washed by crisp blue waters. Litter was plainly absent. Superbly clean beach and water. The long stretch allows crowd to disperse and enjoy in their own space. Private vendors rent out sunsols and beach chairs on hourly basis for 20-30 rupees per person.


One of the cleanest beaches of India. Coupled with the atmosphere of Spirituality of Puri, this beach probably loses its significance as a tourist hub for non-Hindus. However, it has always been safe for people of all religions. A visit to the Jagannath Temple gets completed only after you dip your feet on the approaching waves & taste/sprinkle few drops of its salt water. Since Lakshmi came out from the Samudra manthan (Churning of the great Ocean), the Sea is considered as her father & it seems Lord Jagannath wanted a big boundary around the temple to avoid the loud noise his father-in-law (The sea) makes. Jokes apart, need to be careful here as well because it has under current!


Puri a beach town in Orissa is a very popular beach holiday destination about 500 KM from Kolkata. The nearest airport is in Bhubaneshwar about 90 KM from Puri. You can also reach Puri by train and bus from all parts of India.
Puri beach is centred around Swargadwar the main epicentre from where the beach town expanded. There are lots of hotels of all budgets where you can stay and enjoy your holidays. There are also many lodges and holiday homes where you can stay and cook your own meals. Utensils, bed rolls
Cooking gas and what ever you may need are available on hire by the day.
Puri beach has one of the best bathing Beach in India. The waves are not very high most of the time and you can really enjoy bathing in the waters for hours. Though the water is not as clear as the Andaman seas the beach can be enjoyed as a low budget holiday.
If you want to enjoy a quiet holiday away from the madding crowd I recommend staying in the new marine drive area near the light house or towards Chakra tirtha Road where you could have a quiet beach holiday.

5. Relaxation

Puri beach is one if the best beaches in India. Morning time you sit under the shade & you can hire a chair for 15-20 rupees. You can also shower yourself with the sea water but you need to stay safe.

Puri beach is situated on the Bay of Bengal, 60 kilometres (37 mi) south of the state capital of Bhubaneswar. It is also known as Sri Jagannath Dham after the 12th-century Jagannath Temple located in the city. It is one of the original Char Dham pilgrimage sites for Hindus.

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