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Post-Covid pandemic, DTR & PTR see a 30% increase in tourist footfall

Pilibhit/Bareilly: A tourist spotted a tiger with a nylon wire embedded in its neck in the Kishanpur range of Dudhwa and reported it to the forest authorities last year. It resulted in a three-month-long operation by the foresters to rescue the tiger and save it, recalls Dudhwa's field director Sanjay Pathak. After this, several other tourists spotted the same big cat.
In Katarniaghat Wildlife Sanctuary, a tigress was spotted so often that it became one of the most photographed felines in the sanctuary, he said. "This was possible as we restarted elephant safaris that enabled visitors to go to new areas," added Pathak. The tiger reserves of Dudhwa and Pilibhit closed on June 15 after a seven-month 2021-22 tourism season. The post-Covid-19 pandemic season saw over a 30% increase in tourist footfall as well as a rise in revenue, said, forest officials.
The diverse wildlife at Dudhwa Tiger Reserve (DTR) drew tourists while Chuka was the main attraction point in Pilibhit Tiger Reserve (PTR), bordering the shores of the 22-km-long Sharda Sagar dam. Its beautiful sal trees and Tharu huts, for an overnight stay, captivated tourists.
This season PTR saw a tourists footfall of 18,745 against the previous year's 12,391. As many as 4,114 safaris were conducted and the huts were booked for night stay 735 times.
The reserve's revenue at Rs 45,09,170 was the highest as against the previous season's Rs 26,07,205.

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