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Places to Visit in Ranikhet

About Ranikhet, Uttarakhand

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Ranikhet is a hill station and cantonment town in Almora district in the Indian state of Uttarakhand. It is the home for the Military Hospital, Kumaon Regiment (KRC) and Naga Regiment and is maintained by the Indian Army. Ranikhet is at an altitude of 1,869 metres (6,132 ft) above sea level and within sight of the western peaks of the Himalayas. Ranikhet is a place related with the legends of Himalayas. Historical accounts tell us the Queen Padmini of Kumaon was enchanted by this tiny hill paradise. The region around Ranikhet was ruled by local Kumaoni rulers and later came under British rule. The British developed Ranikhet as a hill station for their troops and established a cantonment in 1869. Ranikhet is a hill station in Uttarakhand State, northern India. It’s known for its views of the Himalayas. Hundreds of bells adorn Jhula Devi Temple, dedicated to the Hindu goddess Durga. Fruit trees grow on the terraced orchards of Chaubatia Gardens, with views of peaks including Nanda Devi. Mahatma Gandhi stayed in a hut, Gandhi Kuti, in nearby Tarikhet village during the independence struggle.

Following are the best Places to Visit in Ranikhet

  • Chaubatia Orchard
  • Upat Kalika
  • Mankameshwar Temple
  • Haidakhan Babaji Temple
  • Shitlakhet
  • Golf Course

How to Reach Ranikhet

By Air :

The nearest airport for Ranikhet is Pantnagar. Pantnagar Airport is situated 115Kms from Ranikhet. Taxis are available to Ranikeht, Haldwani, Nainital and Almora from Pant Nagar Airport. Buses are available from Haldwani, Kathgodam and Nainital to Ranikhet. Pantnagar airport is connected to Delhi via four weekly flights. 

By Rail:

Kathgodam is the nearest railway station to Kausani, Situated at a distance of 88kms. Kathgodam is well connected by Railway networks with major destinations of India like Lucknow, Delhi and Kolkata. Trains are frequent to Kathgodam as it is the gateway of Kumaon Region. Buses and taxis are easily available to Ranikhet from Kathgodam. Ramnagar Railway station is 96kms from Ranikhet. 

By Road :

Ranikhet is well connected by motorable roads with major cities of Uttarakhand state and Northern India. Ranikhet is well connected by major destinations of Garhwal as well as Kumaon Regions. Buses to Kathgodam and Almora can be taken from ISBT Anand Vihar Delhi. Taxis to Ranikhet are easily available from Major destinations of Uttarakhand state. The distance from Delhi to Ranikhet is 360kms if you travel via Babugarh and Moradabad. This distance can be easily covered in 10 hours of time. Bus Services to Ranikhet are of Uttarakhand Roadways and KMOU Bus Services. 

Guest Reviews who Visited Ranikhet

Review :-

Ranikhet is a city with many temples and churches due to its old colonial history, Jhula devi temple is unique people tie bells for their wishes, pray with the diety in a small setup but very clean, wellmaintained small temple, on the way to Chaubatia gardens. Totally up to the individual to visit, but I would surely recommend it because of easy accessibility, uniqueness of lakhs of hanging bells, neat surroundings, and, of course, last but not the least, faith.
The goddess, Jhoola Devi, is highly revered among the locals and this is a fine temple dedicated to her.
We reached the temple after visiting the Army Museum in Ranikhet. The temple is on the way to Chaubatia Gardens (totally avoidable), and lies about 3-4 kms before the gardens. A big plus about the temple is easy accessibility. It's amidst the jungle; yet, your car can drop you right at the temple, with no climb involved whatsoever. The area to keep your footwear is right along the temple's boundary wall. Just a couple of steps and you are inside the temple.We reached the temple while it was raining; so, there was no one else at the temple other than us. It was the middle of June, and we literally had clouds all over us, giving it a misty and rainy feel. So, it was a very peaceful, spiritual, and soothing surrounding. I must mention that the temple is very clean. I am sure the same wouldn't be true when the temple is full of devotees, especially during the Navratras, but still the cleanliness is worth mentioning.The very first think that strikes you about the temple is lakhs of bells--ranging from enormous to really tiny ones--all over the temple. The bells are everywhere: hanging from the roofs, draped around pillars, tied around the walls and boundaries, and what not. It's a fairly small, tranquil temple that is well maintained and is spanking clean. It has its own unique charm and it's amazing how the use of bells makes this a unique temple.

Review :-

Ranikhet is a beautiful place in Almora district in Uttrakhand. It situated on the height of approx 6100 feet from the sea level.
History - A local king won the heart of his queen here so thereafter this place is known as "Ranikhet". It is the headquarter of prestigious "Kumoun regiment".
How to reach here - First you have to reach either Haldwani or Kathgodam. From their Ranikhet is approx 75 kilometer.
Local Sightseeing - You will get the view of whole range of Himalayas such as Nanda devi peak( which is highest peak of Uttrakhand).

  1. Kumoun regiment Center Museum - Here you would find out wide range of heroic stories and collection of World War.

  2. There are several famous temples such as Binshar Mahadev,Ram Mandir etc.

  3. For Snow fall you have to visit during January or February.

Review :-

RANIKHET is a hill station and cantonment town in Almora district  in the Indian state of Uttrakhand. It is the home for the Military Hospital, Kumaon Regiment ( KRC) and Nega Regiment and is maintained by the Indian Army.PLACE TO VISITGOLF COURSERanikhet Golf Course is one of the highest golf courses of Asia, located 5 kilometres ( 3 mi) from main Ranikhet City. Ranikhet Golf Course is a 9-hole course making it one of the prime attractions of Ranikhet. The green meadow of the golf course at such high altitude is awe-inspiring. The golf club provides membership plans for outsiders as well .Golf course is located in KALIKA.ASHIYANA PARKAshiyana Park is situated in the midst of Ranikhet town. The Park is specially designed & developed for children on jungle theme by Ranikhet Cantt.MANKAMESHWAR TEMPLEThis temple is attached to the Nar Singh Maidan ( Ground) , constructed by the Kumaon regiment. Opposite the temple is a Gurudwara and a Shawl factory.RANI JHEELThere is another jewel added to the beauty of town Rani Jheel. Located nearby Nar Singh Stadium, beneath the Veer Naari Awas it gives the visitors a chance to relax and enjoy the ride of Boats.BINSAR MAHADEVThe artistic structure of the Binsar Mahadev Temple and its deity Lord Shiva both adds positive vibes to our mind and soul. A beautiful stream flowing close to the Binsar Mahadev Temple adds amazementto the natural beauteousness of this sacred place. Binsar Mahadev Temple is situated amidst beautiful pine and deodar trees. Apart from the temple an ashram, Binsar Mahadev also has lovely cedar forest surroundings.HAIDAKHAN TEMPLESituated 4 km from Ranikhet, Haidakhan Temple ( Hairakhan Temple or Chilianaula) is dedicated to Lord Shiva made by Shri Haidakhan Maharaj who is said to be the incarnation of Lord Shiva.The splendid views of the gigantic Himalayan peaks are clearly visible from Haidakhan Temple.BHALU DAM OR BALUDHAMIt is an artificial small lake blessed with natural bounteousness, panoramic views of the Himalayan Mountains and placid surroundings. The small but beautiful garden nearby the dam is marvelous.The dam site is open for all the tourists throughout the year. The views of the massive Himalayan peaks are enchanting and ravishing from Bhalu Dam. It is an ideal spot for camping and picnicking.St. Bridget Church It is an old church in Ranikhet town.MAJKHALILocated at a distance of 12 km from Ranikhet, on the way to Almora, Majkhali offers a close view of the snowy Himalayas with peaceful surroundings. It is a picnic spot on the Ranikhet-Almora road.KARARMAL ( SUN TEMPLE) It is the second most important temple to Sun God, the first one being Sun Temple of Konark in Orissa. Katarmal is more than 800 year old. Situated 25 km from Ranikhet this historical temple is an example of intricate sculpturing.TARIKHETTarikhet is located at a distance of 8 kilometres ( 5 mi) from Ranikhet is well known for its Gandhi Kuti, and the temple of Golu Devta is venerated in the Kumaon region. It is famous for the Gandhi Kuti and the temple of Golu Devta.SYALIKHETIt is a scenic spot with unparallel beauty situated at a distance of 25 kilometres ( 16 mi) from Ranikhet. Syalikhet is located in the amidst green forest and apple orchards. The famous temple of Syahi Devi is situated in Syalikhet.

Review :-

Ranikhet is one of the hidden gems of Uttarakhand. Not as popular and known as Nainital or Mussorie, this quaint little town has slowly started to register itself on the tourist map. More than 350 kms away from Delhi, this hill station is a perfect escape from scorching summer heat.Ranikhet is at an altitude of 1,869 metres(6,132 ft) above sea level. This cantonment town is maintained by the Indian Army and is pretty clean. This place is known for its beauty of nature, wildlife and adventure. The entire area is covered with lush green forests with the trees of Oak, Devdar, and Pine adorning its curves. You will also find orchards of Apple, Peaches and Apricots.The place has a number of attractions including a golf course, paragliding, rock climbing, horse riding and boating. There is a small lake in the area known as the Rani Jheel locally. The Binsar Mahadev Temple is home to the great Lord Shiva & surrounded by a stretch of forest. Chaukhutia is another place, which you would not to miss. It is a big bazaar in a picturesque location. Another must-watch place is the Katarmal Sun Temple.The local delicacies include Bhaang ki khatai, Mixed Dal salad, Kappa( a green curry), Aloo ke gutke, Aloo dal pakora, Bal Mithai, Ram Mithai etc.

Review :-

Ranikhet is a hill station in indian state of uttarakhand. Ranikhet is an all seaseon tourist spot. The amazing views of the trees, Vish green forest, Delicate plant life and attractive wildlife, the singing of birds. Best and beautiful attraction of ranikhet hill station is Bhaly dam-is known for its artificial lake and the popular tourist spot, Binsar mahadev temple.This popular temple of shiva & surrounded by verdant forest, Chaukhutia-is well known sightseeing and famous for natural beauty, Kalika golf course, Katarmal sun temple-This temple is india's second sun temple, first temple in orissa, jhula devi temple, Majkhali, Manila, khairna. Many activities to do in ranikhet Head for trekking-Trekking is a group of friends, Nature walks, Explore flora-beautiful plants and flowers seen in chaubatia and another reaseon is growing apples, appricots, mulberries, strawberries and blackberries.The local food of ranikhet is Bhaang ki khatai, Mix dal salad, Kappa( a green curry), Aloo k gutke, Aloo dal pakora are the local dishes popular here and sweets such as Bal mithai, Ram mithai, toffee etc. Summers are the peak seaseon.The best time to visit in ranikhet is from september to november & again april to june.

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