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Norwegian Lutheran Church

Norwegian Lutheran Church

An old church dedicated to the whaling community, it has stood the test of time for 200 years. I had the pleasure of partaking in a service to honor Shackleton inside. To hear the wind blow and the floorboards creak during the ceremony was equally authentic. That the community continues the upkeep of the church is remarkable. Built by a Lutheran Norwegian whaler who paid for a pastor to tend to the souls of the hardened whalers. Constructed in kit-form in Norway, the church came to the island in pieces and was assembled on site in 1906. As well as a church it has had other uses - including cinema and has been restored. Inside it is permissible to be a bell-ringer (two bells) on the upper landing and if you do go up,look at the 'modern' electrical switch on the wall beside the stairs. 

What Guests Say about it is as follows 

Great Christmas Eve visit!

It was wonderful to visit this sweet lil Church on Christmas Eve! Set against a backdrop of beautiful mountains and surrounded by fur seals, elephant seals and king penguins! If I lived here, I would go to mass everyday! haha. Our ship's Filipino crew donned Santa hats and made it so special by singing Christmas Carols in the Church. Their lovely voices made us all feel the Christmas cheer. In the room on the left side of the altar, we saw many tributes that people placed at Shackleton's grave that were moved here. The library and its collection of books was also incredible.

Simple church but that is all a believer needs

Have a look inside, look at the little exhibit and library in the back, appreciate the people that had to live here and endure a hard live. and if you can play the organ.

A beautiful little church on the remote island of South Georgia

I had the privilege of attending a memorial service for Sir Ernest Shackleton at this small church at Grytviken, on the island of South Georgia. Truly a privilege and an honor for me to pour a bit of spirits on his grave and pay homage to his great courage and leadership.

Ring the bells

Charming little church in front of some spectacular mountain scenery behind the old whaling station. A must see if at Grytviken. You can ring the bells - but only once, many people that were on our cruise did this. Well preserved in history.

Nice stop / check out the library

We stopped in for a brief visit --- the little church is very photogenic, and you must go inside and check out the library in the back. Also -- all the commemorative plaques that were left for Shackleton at his grave --- so many were left over the years, that they brought many of them inside the church for preservation.

Worth a visit if there

It is a very pretty little church in a stunning location in the snow or the sun. It may be because I am spiritual but I felt a massive presence in the Church. It was used a lot when the island was used for whaling and fishermen etc are usually very religious so the history of its popularity was interested. It has always been empty when I have visited (3 times in 3 years) so I believe it is just as a
Private prayer area if you wish to use it but it is worth a visit if you are there.

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