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Mussoorie's Camel's Back Road plagued with illegal parking, encroachments

Mussoorie: Illegal roadside parking and encroachments are leading to traffic congestion on Camel's Back Road in Mussoorie, which is popular among tourists. This comes in the wake of an increased tourist influx. "Tourists who come to explore the town and devotees who come to visit ashrams on Camel's Back road park their vehicles on the roadside, narrowing the stretch," said a resident who wished to remain anonymous.
Also, street food kiosks start operating on the roadside in the evening, adding to the congestion. "Those who use the stretch for morning and evening walks have said roadside parking and encroachments are ruining the charm of the road, which is famous for its camel-shaped rock structure. Also, several potholes have cropped up and must be repaired by the Mussoorie Municipal Council (MMC) at the earliest," said Mohan Petwal, a Mussoorie resident and social worker. He added that hoteliers should not use the stretch for parking but ensure that their guests use nearby parking lots.
When asked about the issue, Anuj Gupta, MMC chairman, said "This road is maintained by the Public Works Department (PWD) and we have written to them several times to repair the road but to no avail." On the question of roadside parking, Gupta said that the town faces a severe scarcity of parking spaces and tourists sometimes have no option but to park on roadsides.
According to historians, the first structure to be built in Mussoorie was a "shooting box" constructed around 1823 and it is believed to be located somewhere adjacent to the Camel rock. The British used the road for horse riding.

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