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Mussoorie lake is a symbol of mismanagement, say locals

Mussoorie: The Mussoorie lake, once a popular tourist spot, has now become a site "symbolic of mismanagement", according to locals and tourists alike. Thousands of tourists throng the place which lies near Bhata on the Doon-Mussoorie Road. "There are mounds of waste piled up everywhere. The approach road is also in shambles and electric lights are not working," said Manoj Kumar Vyas, a tourist from Gujarat who recently visited the lake.
In fact, shopkeepers at the lake pointed out that the tourist spot is battling with a host of issues that include lack of solid waste management, dumping of sewer in the lake, lack of cleanliness, inadequate approach roads, and poor lighting.
"The stream that feeds the lake passes through Dhobighat locality situated near the place. Most of the houses in Dhobight are not connected by sewer lines and during rains, they open their sewer tanks and dispose of them into the stream. Sewer pollutes the entire lake which is a boating destination," said Charan Singh, a shopkeeper.
UC Tiwari, executive officer of MMC, told, "There was some issue with power supply at Jheel due to which the lights were not functioning. We will get it resolved shortly." Tiwari also assured us that he would get the garbage dumps cleaned.

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