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Teams are too often defined as a gathering of people who work together for the same goal but it is more effective when designed carefully. To design, develop and support a highly effective team, follow these guidelines:-

1. Set clear goals for the results to be produced by the team:

Goals should be specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-bound. The input of other members of the team should be included. Goals can also be preferred as a project report that has a project plan, schedule, budget to develop and test a complete performance management system of the employees within a year.

2. Set clear objectives for measuring the ongoing effectiveness of the team:

Objectives to achieve a goal should also be smart and shared for eventual communication and discussion with all team members.

3. Define a mechanism for clear and consistent communication among the team members:

New leaders often assume that all group members know the status of the work demanded. Consistent communication is the important key of a successful group. Without proper communication, none of the goals can be achieved.

4. Define a procedure for members to make decisions and solve problems:

Groups often encounter situations where they make decisions and solve problems in a highly effective manner. Successful groups document a procedure where the group can make decisions and ensures that all members are aware of the procedure.

5. Develop staffing procedures (recruiting, training, organizing, replacing):

Group members should be asked to join and share their views in the group. If members go through an organized and systematic process, new members believe that their role is valuable in the group and they understand the group's purpose, their role, and their next steps.

6. Determine the membership of the group:

At least a person having skills in facilitation and meeting management should be included in the team. The team should attempt to include an efficient diversity of values and perspectives to ensure robust ideas and discussion. All the members should attend every meeting and perform required tasks.

7. Determine time frames for starting and terminating the team, if applicable:

The points should be considered which are needed to achieve the goals of the team and also determine the time to recruit and organize those resources

8. Assign the role of a leader to ensure systems and practices are followed:

The leader focuses on the systems and practices in team and is successfully staffed. They understand the purpose of the group and their role and are active towards meeting that purpose and role to utilize procedures for making decisions and solving problems.

9. Assign role of communicator:

Communication is the most important key to a successful team. Someone should be appointed to ensure that all members should communicate about purpose, membership, roles and status. Communication should also occur outside the team who make decisions about the team.

10. Identify the costs to provide necessary resources for the team:

A budget should be developed that itemizes the cost associated with obtaining and supporting each of the resources.

11. Plan team building activities to support trust and working relationship:

Team building activities give space to members in which they can introduce themselves and get involved in exercises which help each other to solve a problem or meet a specific and achievable goals.

12. Regularly monitor and report on the status of team members toward achieving the goal:

The team starts with a carefully designed plan which has to be implemented. Plans can be changed systemically with new dates and approval of the changes.

13. Support team meetings and the member's processes in the team:

The supervisors should regularly monitor team members progress on achieving the goals and provide ongoing encouragement and visibility to members.

14. Regularly celebrate team members accomplishments:

Leaders should celebrate the achievements of team members.    

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