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Mgm theme park videos

MGM Dizzee World, which offers world class amenities and perfect infrastructure for a fun-filled day. The park boast of adhering strictly to international safety standards and has exhilarating rides. Apart from rides, the park also has an amphi-theatre. Your kids will also have a wonderful time as they have a special Marryworld within the park for small children.


Located in Muttukadu - Chennai on the way to Pondicherry which is also known as Puducherry, MGM is a high-energy entertainment park filled with thrilling and fun rides. MGM Dizzee World, Chennai, designed by Italian architects is spread out on a huge lush green area and rests against the scenic blue beach front of the East Coast Road, at Muttukadu, about 30 kms away from Chennai city. MGM Dizzee world Ticket can cost you 599 for adult and 499 for child. But if you will buy it online from Gautam and Gautam Group it will cost you 500 for Adult and 400 for a child inclusive of all rides.

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Entry Tickets

Direct Purchase at MGM Dizee World Park Or On their Website

Adult (Above 4.4 Feet) Jumbo Package: 599 Rs (Inclusive of all dry and wet rides)

Child (Above 2.6 Feet But Below 4.4 Feet) Jumbo Package: 499 Rs (Inclusive of all dry and wet rides)

Buy it through Gautam & Gautam Group Or On Our Website

Adult (Above 4.4 Feet) Jumbo Package: 500 Rs (Inclusive of all dry and wet rides) 

Child (Above 2.6 Feet But Below 4.4 Feet) Jumbo Package: 400 Rs (Inclusive of all dry and wet rides)

Ticket Terms & Conditions

Below 2.6 Feet – Free

Below 4.4 Feet – Eligible for Child Ticket

Above 4.4 Feet – Eligible for Adult Ticket


No. 1/74 East Coast Road, Muttukadu, Chennai, Tamil Nadu – 600112


10:30 Am – 6:30 Pm (Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri) Weekdays

10:30 Am – 7:30 Pm (Sat, Sun) Weekdays & Public Holidays

Official Website:

Photography Allowed or Not:

Yes, it is allowed

Nearest Railway Station

Tambaram Railway Station Junction

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