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Meerut-based youth leads to action on water conservation; 2 docs take up afforestation

Meerut: At the age of 14, Meerut-resident Sawan Kanojia confronted his school seniors for leaving the tap open during recess. When his seniors snubbed him, he raised the issue with his Science teacher, who asked Sawan to deliver a speech on the importance of water conservation at the morning assembly. As Sawan felt strongly about the issue, he delivered a moving speech urging his fellow students to not waste water. The speech had the desired impact and students started using water more cautiously.
Six years hence, Sawan is now running a social movement "Youth Environment Organisation" along with a few of his dedicated friends. Under the drive, they organize 'Jal Chaupals' to educate villagers on the optimal use of water. The group also runs an online drive urging people to keep water in earthen vessels on the terrace for birds. Besides, they also run awareness drives against the use of Chinese Manjha (kite-string). Currently a student of journalism, Sawan has been conferred with The Earth Day Hero Award 2022 for Asia by the Earth Day Network for his contribution to environmental conservation.
Separately, two Baghpat-based doctors - Dr Anurag Mittal (a physician) and Dr Dinesh Bansal (a surgeon) -are not only saving lives through their medical practice but also saving the environment through plantation drives. The two doctors urge their patients to plant a sapling once they are cured. "Our aim is to cover the entire Baghpat with the greenery it was once so famous for," they say. Recently the doctor duo started a "Harit Ambulance" service. A group of men travel in these vehicles and provide manure and water to the trees planted across the city.

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