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Maneater tigress pregnant, cannot be tranquilised DTR

Bareilly: A maneater tigress, which the forest department was planning to tranquilise, is pregnant and is always accompanied by her sub-adult cub, making the task to capture her difficult, say officials. The tigress is believed to have killed at least 19 people in and around Dudhwa Tiger Reserve (DTR) since 2020.
DTR field director Sanjay Pathak told, "It is difficult to establish which animal is responsible for the recent killings-the tigress or her cub. We will tranquilise the cub but can't dart the adult because of her health condition. I've asked officials to provide easy bait to both the big cats to ensure they don't attack humans."
The forest department has placed several cages across the area. One of the baits kept outside a cage was found dead on Saturday. Usually, tigers don't attack monkeys, but here a monkey was also killed, making it difficult for the officials to study its behaviour.
Pathak told

, "Tranquilising the mother is not advisable. We are using baits, a cage and other equipment such as khabar (nylon traps) to capture her.  We have moved in four elephants to restrict the movement of the tigress into human habitat. There is no way to push her into the forest area because the forests here are in small patches. However, we can tranquilise and rehabiliate the sub-adult as she looks healthy. We are in touch with the higher authorities on this issue."
Dr Daksh Gangwar, one of the four veterinarians deployed for this operation, said, "We have placed baits near the spot where one of the tigresses injured a buffalo on Sunday morning. We will keep an eye on the activities of the big cat."
Meanwhile, those who are paid daily wages and return late in the evening after work suffer the most. One of them, Surmal (who uses his first name only), a resident of nearby Majhra Purab village, said, "There is no way we can travel without fear until the tigress is captured. I am searching for a place where I can stay for a few days without spending much as I don't live without working for long."
Another villager who owns a few cattle said. "We can lock ourselves inside but there is no way we can keep our cattle inside the house. We have to take them out for grazing and bathing. Now, we move out in groups for some time during the day. Fear hounds us, even some noise in the bushes is enough to scare us. This tigress has become a curse for us."
UP chief wildlife warden KP Dubey had earlier given the nod to trap and tranquilise the tigress, which terrorised thousands of locals near the Singahi range of DTR. The latest victim was a 14-year-old boy, who was found dead on Thursday evening. 
The warden's decision came after a huge uproar in the region. In most cases, the forest department had seen pugmarks. And, after the operation was initiated, 40 camera traps were installed, through which the forest department discovered that the cub followed the adult.

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