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Konark Beach


Konark Beach : Also called as chandrabhaga beach. The beachline is with you about halfway between Puri to Konark passing through Balukhand Wildlife sanctuary. The Chandrabhaga beach/Konark beach is the main crowded part.We however halted some kms before Konark & went to the beach. Mark my words, that's the best thing to do. The beach is unspoilt, clean & only few people. As you go near the town, the beach gets more crowded. We frolicked for 2 hours in the water. saw crabs, shells, fishes in fishing nets. There is water sports too.Then went towards main chandrabhaga beach. At the parking lot (on the the other side of road), bathroom & toilet facility is available for Rs.10/- per person.


Konark beach is absolutely stunning. There are no hawkers around and not much crowd. On the left side of the beach lies casuarina forest and marine drive road which compliments the secluded beach.The beach is clean with blue waves hitting the shore. I haven't seen a beach of this kind before, at least not in the eastern part of India.I was also lucky to sight a missile test done at the DRDO centre as well.If you are visiting Puri better opt for a resort/hotel near Konark beach instead of the much crowded Puri beach.


Chandrabhaga Beach as its called is definitely very deserted compared to the one at Puri due to its remote location. One finds it on the way to the Konark temple, which is much more famous and a UNESCO World Heritage site, from Puri.
It's a steep slope and this causes big waves. Hence bathing or swimming is not recommended here. 
According to the Orissa Tourism guide, the have been quick sand related incidents too.
However the road next to it has been lit up by decorative street lamps now, and during the day it's a nice enough place for stopovers and a few pictures.
There are a few stalls too with the usual touristy stuff.
The road next to this beach is lined by Casuarina trees to prevent erosion and present a pretty sight. For some distance the road, river and sea run parallel to each other.
There is the legendary Ramachandi temple close by which is great for early morning prayers with the assorted flowers shared here.


Aways from the crowds of Puri Beach, this Beach is near the Sun temple at Konark. Legends say that this Beach used to touch the feet of the temple and the chief architect of the temple committed suicide jumping from the top of the temple into the sea. The word Konark is Sanskrit.. Kon=Angle and Arka=Sun. This was a beach where bathing was prohibited due to quake sand, but it's allowed these days. Beach is mostly deserted with very few tourists as the sea becomes very violent at times here. You can see colonies of red crabs migrating to and from the ocean. I personally feel this Beach is much more beautiful than the commercialised Puri Beach.


This beach is relatively unknown to regular tourist visiting Konark Sun temple as most tourist go to Ramchandi (10km away) or the most famous Puri Beach (40km away) . Chandrabhaga beach, the real name, is simply enchanting beautiful. You will find miles and miles of serene beach with hardly anybody around ( compare this to the crowd on Puri beach) . Hence the beach is pristine clean and one walk miles in knee deep waves . The water has the most foam I have ever seen. Due to lack of tourists there are no facilities here - no hotels or restaurants. There are small sops selling bottled water and snacks . There is a small tubewell where you can wash after spending a long time in the water . This beach is generally safe and there are no life guards


Travelling from the Sun Temple in the direction of Jagannath Puri, the road takes a sharp Right turn, this is the place where the Chandrabhaga Temple is located and is the starting point of Konark Beach.The beach extends southwards from this point. The Kushabhadra River estuary is approximately 1 km down the road where we have some water sports available. This area is relatively safe for bathing. A word of warning -DO NOT ENTER THE WATER WITHOUT ADEQUATE PRECAUTION. These beaches are not for swimmers because of a powerful rip tide and fast currents which are unpredictable, The waves look ideal for surfing but going out into the Bay of Bengal is really not recommended. Further south along the road to Puri, access to the beaches is prohibited because of the Olive Ridley Sea Turtle Reserve where the turtles arrive in massive numbers during their nesting season around the month of March. If you wish to observe the nesting prior permission from the Forest Department is mandatory, and not at all easy to obtain. But the beaches accessible to the public are pristine and very clean. When in Odisha a must visit location.


Historically named as Chandrabhaga, world famous sight for watching sun rise and sun set. Here it seems as if the Sun is coming out of the sea instantly with a golden sky. 

It is also a holy place, where on Magha saptami (the 7th day of te bright half of 'Magha'.The Indian pilgrims take a holy dips in the Chandrabhaga Tirtha near the sea and welcome the rising Sun with prayers).
This is a day specifically set aside for the worship of Sun God at Konark where stands the world famous Sun Temple, otherwise known as Black Pagoda, dedicated to Sun God. This is the most popular and colourful festival of the place when lakhs of pilgrims from different parts of India and enthusiastic visitors from abroad visit Konark to observe the festival. In fact this is the second biggest festival in Orissa, next to the Car Festival of Puri.

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