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Karnataka - An Incredible State of India

Karnataka is a state of India located on the country's western coast. Its capital is Bengaluru. Its name is a Kannada word meaning lofty land. Karnataka, formerly (until 1973) known as the Mysore, state of India, is located on the western coast of the subcontinent.

Karnataka is bounded by the state of

* Goa and Maharashtra to the north

* Telangana to the east,

* Tamilnadu to the southeast
* and Kerala to the south and the Arabian Sea to the west.
* The state extends for about 420 miles (675 km) from north to south and,
* About 300 miles (480) km) from east to west.

Relief, Drainage, and Soils

Karnataka is divided into four distinct region
* The coastal plain 
*  The hill region 
* The Karnataka Plateau
* Black-Soil tract to the northwest 
* The upland terrain of Ghats is known as Mainland
* Western Ghat average elevation (2500 to 3000 feet) or 750 to 900 meters.


* Sharavat River Jog (Gerosppa fall) 830 feet, 253 meters.
* Other river- Kaveri ton the South
* Tungbhadra, a tributary of the great river KRISHNA to the north flow over the undulating, eastward sloping plains of the Karnataka Plateau.
* These plains are known as the Maidan
* Average elevation of about 1500 feet or 450 meters.
* Northwestern Part - Soil
* underlying Volcanic Rock
* Producing soil known as regur, the humus-rich, cotton-growing black soil of India.


* Winter (January and February) 
* Summer (March through May) 
* Southwest Monsoon (June through September) 
* Post Monsoon (October through December) 


* Coconut Palm
* The monsoon forests are especially rich in wildlife, which includes tigers, elephants, and gaurs (wild cattle).
* Peacock (most common bird)
* Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuaries
* National Parks - Bandipur in the south near the border with Tamilnadu
* Nagarhole in the southwest near the border o Kerala



1 Bengaluru 
2 Mysore 
3 Hubli-Dharwar 
4 Mangalore 
5 Belgaum 
6 Gulbarga 
7 Davanagere 
8 Bellary 
9 Bijapur 
10 Shimoga 
11 Tumkur 
12 Raichur 
13 Bidar 
14 Hospet 
15 Hassan 
16 Gadag-Betigeri 
17 Udupi 
18 Robertson Pet 
19 Bhadravati 
20 Chitradurga 
21 Kolar 
22 Mandya 
23 Chikmagalur 
24 Gangawati 
25 Bagalkot 


Ever wondered how many air routes exist while traveling to and from Karnataka. Here is a list of airports in Karnataka to ease your research:

1. Kempegowda International Airport, Bengaluru (International)

Kempegowda International Airport serves the capital state of Karnataka, BANGALORE. The airport is quoted as the third busiest airport after Delhi and Mumbai which handled over 22.2 million passengers last year. The airport was constructed over a stretch of 400 acres of land about 40 kilometers north of the city near Devanahalli village. It is associated with numerous flights with perpetual flights for LONDON, DUBAI, HONG KONG, MAURITIUS along with domestic flights for DELHI, Mumbai, Kolkata, and Nagpur, and much more.
Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation operates a shuttle service running from 9 different locations from the city to the airport. Every 30 minutes, a bus stops at these spots to board passengers. The airport homes abundant amenities, from the slightest thing possible to the super urgent needs. The airport has 3 different lounges, as per the convenience of travelers. They even provide buggy service and wheelchair facilities for children and senior citizens. It is well connected with NH44 and with separate taxi zones; the place is brushed with comfort. A typical taxi fare up to the city cast between INR 400 to INR 600 with 2 hours of traveling time. A Namma Metro link between Bangalore and the airport is planned, which will endorse the place with a good railway connection.

2. Mangalore Airport (International)

Also, known as Bhajpe Airport, Mangalore airport serves the coastal city of Mangalore. The airport is located about 13 kilometers northeast of the city, near Bhajpe. It is the second international airport homed in Karnataka. It's just 16 kilometers from the central railway station making your travel fast and mobile. Mangalore airport was ranked 12th amongst the airports with international traffic in India. It was the first in Karnataka to have 2 runways, one of which is a tabletop runway. The airport is well connected to local attractions like Kudroli Gokarnath Temple, Kadri Manjunath Temple Tannirbhavi Beach, Panambur beach Manasa Amusement & Water Park, etc.

The facility is well connected to other transportation mediums as; Karnataka State Road Transportation Corporation provides bus service from the airport to the Central Railway Station. Also, a number of taxis are available 24X7 near the Airport; you can avail yourself of that or pre-book your cab from the arrival hall. You may even notice a lot of Ola, and Uber cars offering their service.

3. Hubballi Airport (Domestic)

This particular airport is situated on Gokul Road, 8 Kilometers west of Hubli. It is well connected with the railway, as the nearest railways station is just 8 Kilometers away. The 369-acre airport serves the twin cities Hubli and Dharwad. The place has its fair share of tourist attractions, with decent accessibility. Some of them are Unkal Lake, Indira Gandhi Glass House Garden, Chandramouleshwara Temple, Banashankari Temple, etc.

The nearest bus stand is about 6 Kilometers from the airport terminal. Hubbali airport is expecting a massive makeover by the year 2018. A new taxiway, roofing, fire station, and a domestic terminal building will be part of the up-gradation process. This will enable the operation of larger aircraft.

4. Belgaum Airport (Domestic)

Belgaum Airport is located about 10 Kilometers east of Belgaum city near Sambra Village, that's why it is also called Sambra Airport as well. To travel around the state, people can use the taxi service delivered just outside the airport. There is a 12 Kilometers drive to reach the nearest railway station. Your taxi could take you to various heritage monuments like Belgaum Fort and the Jain Temple; other places of interest include the Shree Revan Siddeshwar Temple and the Mal Maruti Temple. To cherish the natural beauty of Belgaum, make a trip to waterfalls such as Godchinamalaki Falls, Vajrapoha Falls, and Gokak Falls. Paragliding and boating are popular activities at these sites. Other popular tourist destinations include Anshi National Park, Bhimgad Wildlife Sanctuary, and Swami Vivekananda Smarak.

The airport is associated with only SpiceJet and has frequent flights to Bangalore, Mangalore, and Mumbai. The passenger terminal stretches 1,160 sq. meters of area. It has 3 check-in desks, one VIP lounge, and a boarding gate. A good parking space and recurrent taxi service make things easier for travelers here.

5. Mysore Airport (Domestic) Mysore

the airport is approximately 10 Kilometers south of Mysore city in a village called Mandakalli, that's why it's called Mandakalli airport sometimes. The airport receives only charter or VIP flights. It's a place with great accessibility as the central railway station is just 15 minutes away, and the distance is 13 kilometers. It also homes a passenger terminal with a capacity of 150 travelers and a total area of 3,250 sq. meters. It shares direct connectivity with National Highway 766 with the Mysore ring road to the north of it. Hence, a good link between the city and other transport mediums is obvious. There are a number of things you can do near Mysore Airport within 1 Kilometer radius, Kukkarahalli Lake yam herbals, Jaganmohan Palace, Palace of Maharaja of Mysore, and much more places are waiting to be explored.

6. Jindal Vijaynagar Airport (Domestic)

Jindal Vijaynagar Airport is positioned in Toranagallu which falls under Vijaynagar Township. The airport is owned by JSW Steel. It's a 5-minute drive to reach the main city of Toranagallu and a long 36 kilometers to reach the nearest railway platform, Bellary Railway Station. Various taxi companies operating on-call, online, and outside terminals are used vividly by the passengers. It functions for the places like Bellary, Hampi, Hospet, and Toranagallu. The flights here are more business-oriented. Mostly these flights are directed to Bangalore and Hyderabad. It has a single passenger terminal with one check-in desk, a security lane, and a waiting area for 50 people.

7. HAL Bangalore Airport (Air Base)

Also known as Hindustan Airport, the facility is military. It is located in Bangalore and is preferred for general and business aviation. The nearest railway station is Yeshwantpur Railway Station, for which one has to travel about 22 Kilometers; it takes approximately half an hour to reach.

8. Jakkur Aerodrome (Flying school)

Jakkur Aerodrome is located in Jakkur, Bangalore. It is the only place dedicated to general aviation. Kodigehalli Railway Station is located just 5 kilometers from the airport. You can try Agni Aero Sports Adventure Academy for the thrill, Yelahanka Shopping Complex for shopping, and Kanti Sweets for mouth-watering delights. The place works as the only Government Flying Training School operational in Karnataka. The school consists of Aircraft maintenance facilities, an aircraft and storage hangar, a library, and other facilities.

9. Yelahanka Air Force Station (Air Base)

This is a military-type airport located in Yalahanka, Bangalore. A total distance of 22 Kilometers is recorded between the airport and Bangalore City Junction Railway station. And the nearest bus route is from Yelahanka Bus Stop which is 7 kilometers away from the terminal.
It is governed by the Indian Air force with the sole purpose of training young pilots to fly transport planes. There are many amenities waiting just 15 minutes away from the airport.

10. Gulbarga Airport (Domestic/ Future International)

Also known as the Kalaburgi Airport is a domestic airport located 12.5 Kms from the main Kalaburagi city. After its first trial flight landed in August 2018, the airport is set to open its doors in October 2018 to all domestic flights. It is around 17 km from the nearest railway station (Gulbarga Railway Station) and 16 km from the nearest bus stand. This airport serves the city of Kalaburgi and surrounding cities like Bidar, Bijapur, Raichur, Sholapur, etc. It has the tenth longest runway in the country and the second-longest in the state with the total length of the airfield being 7.5 km.

Upcoming Airports in Karnataka

  1. New Bellary Airport
  2. Bidar Airport / Bidar Air Force Station
  3. Bijapur Airport
  4. Chikkamagaluru Airport
  5. Hassan Airport
  6. Shimoga Airport
  7. Bagalkot Airport
  8. Chitradurga Airport
  9. Davangere Airport
  10. Gadag Airport
  11. Gokarna Airport
  12. Haveri Airport
  13. Kollegal Airport
  14. Kushalnagar Airport
  15. Hubli Airport / Hubli Air Force
  16. BaseKarwar Airport

The geography and landscape of Karnataka are such that it serves as an ideal destination for divers and enthralling tourist locations and landmarks. Located in the midst of Western Ghats, Deccan Plateau, and Kannad Coast, Karnataka is home to various forests, beaches, waterfalls, coffee plantations, lakes, and all the bounties of nature.

Following is the list of 15 carefully chosen tourist spots that have something for every vacationer.

1. Bangalore – The City of Diverse Existence

Topping the list for the right reasons is the capital city, Bangalore. Bangalore is the most cosmopolitan city in India. It is a melting pot that is home to people from different backgrounds, cultures, and skills. It is the hub of Information Technology that houses a huge number of Software, Hardware, and telecom companies that provide services to clients around the world.

Also called the garden city, the key attractions in Bangalore are Bannerghatta Park, Lalbag Garden, Tipu Sultan Palace, Wonder La Theme park, Aerospace Museum, and VidhanaSoudha to name a few.
The pleasant weather throughout the year makes this city a prime summer vacation destination.
The best way to travel to this city is either by train to Bangalore Railway station or by air to Bengaluru International airport

2. Bandipur National Park – In Harmony with Nature

Get as close as you can to natural wildlife in Bandipur National Park. A perfect haven for animal lovers who want to get engrossed in the sights and sounds of the forest.

Do not miss the Tiger Reserve and the Bird Sanctuary of the national park. The rich fauna and flora in the reserve will leave you asking for more. It is a perfect choice for a day picnic. Some of the wildlife you can spot here are elephants, spotted deer, and antelopes.
This attraction is about 80 km from the Mysore railway station and about 220 km from the airport.

3. Coorg – Queer but Captivating

Coorg is one of the pristine, less crowded hill stations. Its natural and lush greenery contributes to its scenic beauty. It is an ideal summer getaway.
Coorg is bestowed with aromatic coffee plantations, breathtaking waterfalls, green mountains, and stunning views. Another unique attraction of Coorg is the Tibetan Monastery.

Tourists have plenty of options for trekking along with coffee estates, along riversides, and on mountain scenic paths. There is a local market for any kind of shopping needs.
Coorg is about 106 km from Mangalore rail station and about 250 km from the airport

4. Hampi – An Architectural Marvel

Hampi is one of the world’s heritage sites as declared by UNESCO. Situated on the banks of Tungabhadra, the place is home to historical ruins and remains of the Vijayanagar kingdom.
 Rocks and stone carvings are proof of the skill and mastery of the artisans of the old era. It is the perfect tourist place for history enthusiasts.
There are such 500 magnificent structures in Hampi, each of which has a story of its own.
The Hubli airport is the nearest to Hampi, about 74 km.

5. Mysore – City of Old World Charm

Mysore is one of the oldest cities and the second biggest in Karnataka. It was the erstwhile city of the Mysore kings who ruled the state for 100’s of years up until the 20th century. Mysore is one of the very few cities that has managed to maintain its old-world charm. There are plenty of impressive palaces, museums, temples, and imposing heritage structures to marvel at in Mysore. The alluring Brindavan Gardens are also one of the major attractions of Mysore. The Bangalore airport is about 184 km from Mysore.

6. Shivanasamudra Falls 

Nature’s Fury and Peace
Shivanasamudra waterfalls, located in the Mandya district of Karnataka are a splendid sight to see especially in the monsoon months. This is a segmented fall, with streams running parallel to each other called Gaganachukki and Bharachukki. The gorge is very deep and swimming is not permitted but tourists can enjoy bathing in the part where the force of water is lower. Bangalore airport is about 175 km and Mysore station is about 80km from the Shivanasamudra falls

7. Gokarna – Tranquility at its Best

Gokarna, a small and less populated town is situated in the north Kannad district of Karnataka. This is normally on the “to-go” places list of tourists due to its peaceful ambiance. Gokarna lures the tourists with its enthralling beaches and pious temples.
Your trip to Gokarna will be incomplete without a visit to the famous Mahabaleshwara temple and studying its rich history.
Some of the popular but calm beaches in Gokarna are Kudle beach, Om Beach, and Gokarna beach. You can enjoy the serene sands and thrilling water sports on any of these beaches. Gokarna is about 150 km from the Vasco Da Gama airport and about 60 km from the Karwar rail station.


Belur, located on the banks of the Yagachi river is the erstwhile capital of the Hoysala empire. Due to the rich history surrounding this town, it consists of various temples with marvelous architecture and perfectly crafted sculptures. The most well-known temple here is Chennakesava temple, which has huge pillars, intricate carvings, and sculptures that are life-size. Mangalore airport is 170 km from Belur and Hassan is about 25 km. Halebidu is situated in the Hassan district of Karnataka. The main temple was built to honor king Vishnuvardhana and queen Shantala Devi. From the temple, there is this astounding view of two hills on the opposite sides appearing like two bulls and a Ganesh figure on the southern side. The place was ruined by the Mughal dynasty and hence got the name, “Halebidu” which means city in ruins.
This place is about 6 km from Belur and 30 km from Hassan.

9. Jog Falls – It will leave you Spellbound

Jog Falls, falling about 850 feet from the ground, is the second tallest fall in India. The segmented fall is a sight to behold. There are steps to go up to the viewpoint to enjoy the stunning view of one of nature’s beautiful creations. The sight and sound of the Jog Falls leave a soothing and relaxing effect on the visitors.
Sagar Station is about 28 km from Jog Falls and Hubli Airport is about 130 km away.

10. Dandeli – Get set for Adventure

During the last few years, Dandeli has grown to become a sought-after tourist place. It is an adventures hot spot due to its hilly terrain perfect for trekking, its abundant green forests, and interesting wildlife. Dandeli is the perfect package for the thrill seeker. River Kali in Dandeli offers boating and kayaking adventures. Hubli airport is about 55 km from Dandeli.

11. Udupi –Taste of Authentic Karnataka

Udupi, a town near Mangalore sandwiched between the Arabian Sea and the Western Ghats is famously known for 2 things- Temples and Food. The beautiful and huge Sri Krishna temple in Udupi attracts devotees from all over the world. There is also a Shiva temple here which is believed to be over 100 years old. The “Udupi Cuisine” has become a household name among food connoisseurs for delicious south Indian food with the unique Udupi flavor. Udupi is about 60 km from Mangalore airport and it has a railway station of its own, the Udupi rail station.

12. Nandi Hills –Reach the Zenith of Beauty

Nandi Hills located to the east of Bangalore offers its visitors pristine lakes, timeless monuments, temples, and postcard-like views from hilltops. The best attraction of this hill resort is the cool and foggy weather which takes the tourists to a whole new world away from the monotony and noise of cities. Bengaluru airport is about an hour from Nandi Hills.

13. Chitradurga Fort – A Fortified Marvel

This great monument situated in the town of Chitradurga is an archeological wonder. This fort has immense historical value as it has been in existence since the rule of Chalukyas.
The landscape around this fort is adorned by towering hills with the peak giving the view of a valley.
This place is accessible from Chitradurga Rail station and Bengaluru airport which is about 200 km.

14. Bijapur – Bask in Royalty

If you want a taste of royalty on your vacation to Karnataka, Bijapur is the place to go. Bijapur showcases the culture and living of the Islamic dynasty that existed there. You can enjoy the mosques, palaces, mausoleums and so on. Some of the famous structures here are Gol Gumbaz, Bijapur Fort, and Gagan Mahal. Bijapur has its own railway station and the Belgaum airport is about 160 km away. You now have plenty of reasons to make Karnataka your next vacation destination. Set out on your memorable journey, crossing out the above destinations one by one. We promise you won’t be disappointed.

15. Chikmagalur

Never-ending FunChikmagalur is a very serene and scenic hill station with plenty of exciting things to do and see. Trekking on one of the hills of the magnificent Western Ghats is a popular attraction here. The various places of attraction in Chikmagalur are Kudremukh wildlife sanctuary, green Mullayanagari tea farms, Hebbe falls, the picturesque Baba Budan Giri mountains, Bhadra wildlife park, and many more attractions. There is a wide choice of things to do in Chikmagalur. You can go kayaking in Chikmagalur lake or indulge in adventurous water sports. You can go for a safari ride to explore the Tiger reserve at Bhadra sanctuary or go trekking along with the lush green tea estates.

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