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June 'hottest' in 26 years in Meerut with temp above 40

Meerut: Sweltering heat has become unbearable in many parts of the country. The maximum temperature remained above 41 degrees for the first 11 days of June, making this month the hottest in 26 years, said ICAR-Indian Institute of Farming Systems Research (Modipuram) experts. 
According to meteorologists, the average temperature remained 42.2 degrees for the first 11 days which is the highest since 1996.
Talking to Us, N Subhash, principal scientist of ICAR-Indian Institute of Farming Systems Research, Modipuram said that since 1980, the average temperature of the first week of June remained above 42 degrees only three times.
"In 1984, the average temperature in the first week of June was 44.8 degrees while in 1994, it was 43.7 degrees. In 1995, the average temperature was 45.7 degrees in the first week of June. Since 1996, this is the first year, when the average temperature of June's first 8-10 days is 42.2 degrees," he added.
Not just June, but even May, April, and March this year have witnessed a record rise in temperature. The normal temperature was above 4 to 5 degrees in March and continued to be the same in the next two months as well.

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