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In 1st expedition of yr, mountaineers scale Mount Satopanth in Uttarkashi

Uttarkashi: A team of mountaineers, with members hailing from different parts of the country, has sucessfully scaled Mt Satopanth, the second highest peak of Gangotri Himalayas.
The peak is located in Gangotri National Park in Uttarkashi district. This was the first expendition of the year to the peak, organised by an Uttarkashi-based agency.
The team of eight mountaineers from Mumbai, Assam, Kolkata, Bengaluru and Dehradun was led by team leader Shailesh Semwal and guided Gyalbo Sherpa, Manish Semwal and Ankul Rana. They began the expediton from Gangotri on May 25.
After crossing Bhojwasa, Gaumukh and Nandavan, the team set up a base camp at Vasukitaal, where they spent some days for acclimatization.
On June 12, all the members of the team successfully scaled the peak, which is located at an altitude of 7,075 m above the sea level.
After a lull of almost two years due to the Covid pandemic, Uttarkashi district has now started witnessing mountaineers and trekkers who are coming for trekking expeditions in the area.

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