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Govt identifies spots for water pools in Dehradun

Dehradun: The uttarakhand government has started identifying spots for developing   multi-purpose water bodies in Dehradun District under the Prime Minister amrit jal sarovar scheme. under the sarovar scheme. under the project, launched by prime minister Narendra modi on April 24 ,2022 the government aims to develop 50,000 water bodies acrossthe country -75 in each district. the water bodies to be developed would be used to be developed would be used for drinking and irrigation. 
  In Dehradun , a term of government officials-including SC pant, the chief engineer of the deartment of drinking water, and MPS Bisht, the director of uttarakhand space Application center-- carried OUT A field survey to identify the places for developing the water bodies. the term identified spots in the upper catchment areasof seven local rivers flowing in and around Dehradun .
      "So far, spot have been identified near Noon , Singli Tons, Bindal Rispana,Nimi and Dhaulas rivers. the department, including the rural developed and drinkral developed and drinking water , working together under thre scheme would now make a report comprising detail about  the spot for tion," said Bisht. He added, 'The work is still at a very initial stage. Based on the project report, funds would be provided  by the centre for the developed of the water bodies as per the requirement under the scheme which would helpsolve the water issues," 
     Nitish jha ,secretary of the department of drinking  water , said, "our department is coodinating with the rural development department for the project.

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