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Getting Fired : An opportunity for change and growth

The word that strikes fear in all work persons - fired, terminated, laid off, let go, restructured, dismissed, downsized, rightsized which only means you are back on the job market looking for new employment opportunities. Here are some steps which help you dealing with it:

1. Decide on a career path or change:

If you used to love your last position and company you worked in, then move to next point. But if you were not happy, then think about a career change. If you are not sure what you want to do then do some self-assessment and try some career tests on the web.

2. Tune up that resume:

You must be having a current resume but if not, it is high time to have a look at it. Find some ideas here:

a) Firstly, it should be decided whether to include the job from which you were terminated on your resume.  Show an end date of your previous job and focus on your accomplishments and achievements.

b) A key accomplishment and transferable skill sections should be considered on the resume.

c) A traditionally formatted resume and a scannable resume should be developed.

3. Resolve whether you are staying or relocating:

It's time to think whether you have opportunities where you currently live or you need to relocate.

4. Network, network, network:

Inform everyone that you are back into job market again. Itis not necessary to tell them you are fired. Your network includes your family, friends, former coworkers, former bosses, neighbors, and friends of friends. They may not get you a job but may know someone who can, so they play a vital role in your job search.

5. Revisit your references:

Revisit your reference list to inform you are again in the job market and to know they will still be a reference for you. Your former employer gave you a bad reference, so it is extremely important you have other people who rave about your accomplishments and abilities.

6. Be prepared to work:

Looking for a new job is now your full-time job. Stay focused and accomplish something every day.

7. Face the tough question:

You should be prepared to answer the interviewer when he asks why you left your last job. Make sure to mention your experience you learned from the last job and never blame a former supervisor or employer and don't make excuses.

8. Be prepared for rejection:

You must have become extra sensitive because of being fired but there is always a degree of rejection in any job search - so don't let down. Keep looking forward. 

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