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Forest department takes initiatives to curb poaching of turtles

Pilibhit: On the occasion of world turtle day, the forest authorities, including UP's chief wildlife warden, on Monday took initiatives to effectively curb the poaching of turtles.
"We will organize workshops for the police personnel of the forest department, local police authorities, and the railway protection force to enable them to conduct routine search operations in trains, railway stations, buses, bus terminals, etc. to identify and nab the turtle smugglers and poachers," said Naveen Khandelwal, the DFO of Pilibhit Tiger Reserve.
He added, "We have written a letter to the authorities of Wildlife Crime Control Bureau (WCCB) and Turtle Survival Alliance (TSA) to invite their experts for the training of the cops." Notably, the Pilibhit-Kheri belt has been identified by WCCB as one of the five most sensitive zones in UP that witnesses most crimes against turtles.
Meanwhile, two trained sniffer dogs from TRAFFIC India will be brought in to assist the anti-wildlife crime operation. These dogs would be given the training to sniff out the turtles and body parts from trains, buses, etc., said Sanjay Singh, the CWLW (chief wildlife warden) of UP.

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