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Elvis-themed wedding curbs in Las Vegas sparks outrage

Every year thousands of visitors to Las Vegas can't help falling in love- at least long enough to get married by an Elvis impersonator. But the company that controls the rights to the King's likeness has sparked outrage by cracking down wedding chapels offering Elvis-themed nuptials. Authentic Brands Group, which bought a controlling stake in Elvis Presley's estate in 2013, last monthe sent cease-and-desist letters to companies offering the kitschy weddings. The move triggered angry responses from Elvis impersonators, chapel owners, and even the mayor of Las Vegas. ABG on Thursday apologised for its initial approach, saying it was committed to protecting Presley's legacy. "We are working with the chapels to ensure that the usage of Elvis' name, image and likeness are in keeping with his legacy." But a day earlier, the Las Vegas Review-Journal reported that ABG was now offering chapels financial "partnerships", including annual licensing deals to continue business as usual. "That is their solution, to pay Doller 20,000 a year," said Kayla Collins, co-owner of the Las Vegas Elvis Wedding Chapel. Elvis-themed weddings have been a lucrative business in Las Vegas since the 1970s. Packages today run as high as Doller1,600 for the Elvis Pink Caddy Luxury Model Wedding Package, which offers couples the chance to be driven up the aisle of the Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel by Elvis in a 1964 pink Cadillac convertible.

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