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Effluents causing ‘mass mortality’ of fish, turtles

MEERUT: A recent survey has revealed that a polluted feeding channel to the Haiderpur wetland is causing “mass mortality among fish and turtles, contaminating recently-declared Ramsar site that hosts thousands of winter migratory birds every year”.
“It’s a grave issue,” said Suresh Babu, director of the river, wetland, and water policy at WWF - India. Elaborating further, Babu
said, “We were carrying out aquatic biodiversity surveys, mainly of fishes, and rapid water quality testing in Haiderpur wetland and Solani river which feeds the wetland. Our survey team observed that at the downstream confluence of Solani and Banganga, a tributary of Solani upstream of Shukratal, dissolved oxygen levels dropped from 7.2 to 4.0 mg per liter.”

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