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Effective Managers should have six key skills

1. Proficient communication skills:

Managers who are skillful communicators and listen to employees concerns with full attention, adapt communication on employee's personality style and manage conflicts in a satisfactory way.

2. Understand multigenerational workforce trends:

The youngest employees soon will be the largest cohort in the workforce and have different work styles than previous generations. Effective managers understand the needs of the different generations and adapt them accordingly.

3. Provide high - impact performance feedback:

Effective managers know to provide positive and constructive feedback that motivates both under - performing and high - performing employees to develop their full potential.

4. Focus on employees career development needs:

A high performing employees stay at their jobs because they have the skills to learn and grow and their managers develop professional development plans with them and follow up to ensure policies are implemented.

5. Maximize your leadership strengths:

A strength-based management ensures managers have their strength to interact with employees. Effective managers are also aware of their employees strengths and create development opportunities to maximize their skills.

6. Advocate organizational changes necessary for developing and keeping top talent:

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