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Effective communication and negotiation

There are always negotiations on daily basis as choosing a meeting time and place or much more important such as working on a big contract even if you are holding  a small buisness. Buisness people need to be skilled in negotiation tactics and effectively communicate during the process.

Non verbal communication is sometimes more important during negotiation in every type of communication scenerio. You should pay attention to non - verbal cues of the negotiator which help you to change your strategy.

Verbal communication is also important in a negotiation which has some rules such as never rising voices, not interrupting the other person when he is speaking and avoiding jargon which is not understood by everyone. A negotiator may ask the listener to paraphrase his understanding in order to assess the effectiveness of verbal communication.

Preparation should be done before the negotiation which includes identifying the goal, brainstorming multiple solutions and determining the main tactic. An outline of the point used during negotiation should be created and the elements should be determined on which one is willing to compromise to reach a successful aggrement.

While the questions answered in one word leads to an effective communication and negotiation, open - ended questions reveals more information which tells what exactly need to be focused and overcome in the presentation. After asking an open - ended question, wait for an answer from others. Do not fill the silence with further communication.

There are certain power which can be used in negotiation strategies and can impact effective communication durinh the meeting. This may be effective in psychological manner which does not facilitate effective communication.      

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