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Durshet, Maharashtra Tour Packages

Durshet, Maharashtra

Nestled in the beautiful Sahyadri mountains, Durshet, is the perfect back-to-nature weekend with nature trails, butterflies, waterfalls and a host of adventure activities

State: Maharashtra
Location: By the Amba river near Khopoli on the old Mumbai-Pune Highway
Distance: 115 km SE of Mumbai
When to go: June-September is best; November-February is also pleasant. Summers are a definite no-no

Getting there
Road: Take the old Mumbai-Pune NH4 to Khopoli. Turn right onto the Pen-Khopoli Road. Take a left onto the Khopoli-Pali Road immediately after you descend from the flyover (at Hotel Mayuri), to Durshet. 

Serene Durshet is a perfect place for back-to-nature weekend break, barely over an hour’s drive from Mumbai. Ignore the flashy expressway and take the old dirt road instead to these beauties in northern Raigad.

Durshet, part of a forest full of mahua trees, falls within the enclosure of Nature Trails Forest Lodge and the Amba river flows right past. There’s not a soul in sight as you dip in this exuberant river or take a serene walk through the woods. If you like, you can use your weekend to pay your respects at the holy ashtavinayakas of Shri Ballaleshwar and Shri Varad Vinayak, on either side of Durshet.   

Things to see and do
To experience Durshet you have to stay at the Nature Trails Forest Lodge. From this secluded base hidden amid thick foliage, you can hare off to the temples, the river and lakes as well as towards the ghats for trekking.

Into the forest
Stroll through the extensive plantations of fruit trees, casuarinas and acacias within the forested expanse of Nature Trails Forest Lodge. The private forest is a wonderful place to go insect watching, and it is also home to wild boar, barking deer and monkeys.

The best time to visit this place would be when it’s raining the river is full and many huge natural waterfalls are created within the forest. You can trek to these falls through the mahua,mango and teak trees. The bird life here is very rich, and the calls of drongos, doves, parakeets, shrikes, bulbuls and warblers fill the air. The cultivated lands adjoining the resort are a good place to find lapwings’ nests, but do take care not to harm them. Within the resort’s flower garden, you will see a number of butterflies flitting about their business – getting drunk on nectar or laying eggs on their favourite plants. Enthusiasts may recognize the lime, Mormon and plain tiger butterflies.
You can also opt for the adventure activities on offer, including rock climbing, rappelling and river crossing.

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