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Doon's oldest library to be made Uttarakhand's first 'human library'

Dehradun: The oldest library in Doon-the Mahatma Khushi Ram Public Library -which turned 101 last October will be converted into the state's first 'human library", the trustees of the library have announced.
The library has a stock of more than 45,000 books on various subjects, including rare original Sanskrit versions of Puranas, Upanishads, and Vedas. Under the human library concept, a panel of resource persons will be created who can volunteer time to interact with members.
"A human library allows an individual to hear stories directly from a person rather than interpreting them from the printed text. In today's times, borrowing and reading books from a library is becoming a thing of the past. In the light of the present situation, the board of trustees thought of the idea of a 'human library' wherein real human beings are on 'loan' to readers," said Vijay Bansal, president of the board of trustees. 
He added that the library is drawing up a panel of resource persons from "amongst the literati in town including retired and serving educationists, technocrats, bureaucrats, writers, journalists and subject matter specialists, who can volunteer to be impaneled and spare time to interact with library members." The first human library started in Copenhagen (Denmark) in 2000 and the concept has now spread to more than 85 countries. The library officials said that for this purpose, special arrangements are being made to soon have in place a state-of-the-art studio adjoining the newly created 'Authors Lounge' with drive-in-parking facilities in the already tile-paved driveway made with the help of Dehradun Municipal Corporation.
"Our basic aim and mission are to give back to our future generations what this town and society has given to us," said Bansal.

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