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Dindigul is a city in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. It is the administrative headquarters of the Dindigul district. Dindigul is located 420 km (260 mi) southwest from the state capital, Chennai, 100 km (62 mi) away from Tiruchirappalli, 66 km (41 mi) away from Madurai and 72 km away from the Tex City of Karur. The city is known for its locks and biriyani. Parts of Dindigul Districts like Palani, Oddanchatram, Vedasandur, Nilakottai, Kodaikanal, Natham, Athoor.

The Dindigul Municipality has been upgraded as Municipal Corporation with effect from 19 February 2014. Hon'ble Chief Minister Jayalalithaa handed over the government order to Municipal Chairman V. Marudharaj

Dindigul is believed to be an ancient settlement region and has been ruled at different times by the Cheras, Early Pandyas, Cholas, Pallava dynasty, the later Pandyas, the Madurai Sultanate, the Dindigul Sultanates, the Vijayanagara Empire, Madurai Nayak Dynasty, Chanda Sahib, the Carnatic kingdom and the British. Dindigul has a number of historical monuments, the Dindigul Fort being the most prominent.
Industries in Dindigul include safety lock makers, leather tanneries, textile spinning, administrative services, agricultural trading, banking, agricultural machinery and educational services. Dindigul is upgraded to a municipal corporation. The city covers an area of 14.01 km2 (5.41 sq mi) and had a population of 207,327 in 2011. Dindigul is well-connected by road and rail with the rest of Tamil Nadu. It is the 12th-largest urban agglomeration in the state and has a population of 292,512 according to Tamil Nadu's 2011 census. Dindigul has 200,000 hectares of cultivation land, and agriculture continues to be the main occupation of its inhabitants. Located between the Palani and Sirumalai Hills, Dindigul has a reserved forest area of 85 hectares.

The city's name comes from a portmanteau of the Tamil words Thindu "pillow" and kal rock and refers to the bare hill located in the city. The Śaiva poet Tirunāvukkarasar visited the city and noted it in his Tevaram. Dindigul was mentioned in poet Palupatai sokkanathar's book Padmagiri Nadhar Thenral Vidu thudhu. This was later stated by U. V. Swaminatha Iyer (1855-1942) in his foreword to the above book. He also mentions that Dindigul was originally called Thindicharam.

The history of Dindigul is centered around the Dindigul Fort, located on a small rock hill near the city. Dindigul was on the border of the moovendars of ancient Tamilakam, the Pandyas, Cheras and Cholas. The Chera king Dharmabalan is believed to have built the temples of Abirami and Padmagirinathar. The ancient Tamil book, Silappathikaram records the city as the northern border of the Pandya kingdom whose capital was Madurai. Historian Strabo mentions about the city in his 20 A.D. work and Pillni, the great historian of the time described the Pandya king in his works.

During the 1st century CE, the Chola king Karikal Cholan captured the Pandya kingdom and Dindigul came under Chola rule. During the sixth century, the Pallavas took over Dindigul along with most of southern India, and was ruled by them until 8th century CE when the Cholas retook it. During the Delhi Sultanate's raids into southern India, Dindigul was not attacked, and later that century the city became part of the Vijayanagara Empire. The commander of the Vijayanagara army Kampanna Udayar played an important role in the war in capturing Madurai which was under the Madurai Sultanate. In 1559 Nayaks became powerful and their territory bordered with Dindigul in the north. After the death of king Viswanatha Nayak in 1563, Muthukrisna Nayakka became the king of a kingdom in 1602 A.D who built the strong hill fort in 1605 A.D. He also built a fort at the bottom of the hill. Muthuveerappa Nayak and Thirumalai Nayak followed Muthukrishna Nayak. Dindigul came to prominence once again during Nayaks rule of Madurai under Thirumalai Nayak. After his immediate unsuccessful successors, Rani Mangammal became the ruler of the region who ruled efficiently.
In 1736 Chanda Sahib, the lieutenant of Mughal Empire seized power from Vangaru Nayak. In 1742, the Mysore army under the leadership of Venkatarayar conquered Dindigul. He governed Dindigul as a representative of Maharaja of Mysore. There were 18 palayams (a small region consists of few villages) during his reign and all these palayams were under Dindigul Semai with Dindigul as capital. These palayams wanted to be independent and refused to pay taxes to Venkatarayar. In 1748, Venkatappa was made governor of the region in place of Venkatarayar, who also failed. In 1755, the Maharaja sent Haider Ali to Dindigul to handle the situation. Later Haider Ali became the Maharaja of Mysore and in 1777, he appointed Purshana Mirsaheb as governor of Dindigul. Mirsaheb strengthened the fort and the garrison around it. His wife Ameer-um-Nisha-Begam died during her delivery and her tomb is now called Begambur. In 1783 the British Army, led by Captain Long occupied Dindigul. In 1784, after an agreement between Mysore and British army, Dindigul was restored by Mysore province. In 1788, Tipu Sultan, the Son of Haider Ali, was crowned as King of Dindigul. In 1790, James Stewart of the British army conquered Dindigul again during third war of Mysore. In a pact made on 1792, Tipu ceded Dindigul to the British. Dindigul was the first region to come under British rule in Madurai District. In 1798, the British army strengthened the hill fort with cannons and built sentinel rooms in every corner. The British army, under Statten stayed at Dindigul fort from 1798 to 1859. After that Madurai was made headquarters of the British army and Dindigul was attached to it as a taluk. Dindigul was under the rule of the British until India gained Independence on 15 August 1947. Recently the city has been experiencing new growth and new companies are opening branches here like Chennai Silks, UnlimitED, Jos Allukas and Tanishq.

Area: 46.9 km²,
Elevation: 268 m,
Telephone code: +91-451,
Population: 3.96 lakhs (2021),
Demonym(s): Dindigulite 


Package G N G RRDG 1 : 1 Night 2 Days Stay in Homestay in Dindigul + Sightseeing Bryant Park + Breakfast + Dinner 
Package G N G RRDG 2 : 2 Night 3 Days Stay in Hotel  in Dindigul + Sightseeing Kodaikanal Lake + Boating + Breakfast + Dinner 
Package G N G RRDG 3 : 2 Night 3 Days Stay in Hotel  in Dindigul + Sightseeing Coakers Walk + Camping + Breakfast + Dinner
Package G N G RRDG 4 : 2 Night 3 Days Stay in Hotel  in Dindigul + Sightseeing Silver Cascade Falls + Bathing + Breakfast + Dinner 


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Package G N G RRDKCCBTMTTK 1:  1Night Stay in  Dindigul + 1Night Stay in Kodaikanal + Sightseeing Places + Breakfast + Dinner

Package G N G RRDKCCBTMTTK 2:  1Night Stay in Coimbatore + 1Night Stay in Coonoor & Dindigul + Sightseeing Places + Breakfast + Dinner

Package G N G RRDKCCBTMTTK 3:  3Nights /4Days Banglore to Dindigul Tour + Sightseeing Places + Breakfast + Dinner

Package G N G RRDKCCBTMTTK 4: 1Night Stay in Thanjavur + 1Night Stay in Dindigul + 1Night Stay in Madurai & Tiruchirappalli + Darshan + Aarti + Sightseeing Places + Breakfast + Dinner
Package G N G RRDKCCBTMTTK 5:  1Night Stay in Tirunelveli, Theni, Dindigul + 1Night Stay in Madurai + 1Night Stay in Kanyakumari + Darshan + Aarti + Sightseeing Places + Breakfast + Dinner

Package G N G RRDKCCBTMTTK 6: 1Night Stay in Kanyakumari + 1Night Stay in  Madurai + 1Night Stay in Dindigul + 1Night Stay in Thanjavur & Thoothkudi + Darshan + Aarti + Sightseeing Places + Breakfast + Dinner

Package G N G RRDKCCBTMTTK 7: 1Night Stay in Coorg + 1Night Stay in   Coimbatore + 1Night Stay in Coonoor + 1Night Stay in Dindigul + Sightseeing Places + Breakfast + Dinner (5N/6D) Tour

Package G N G RRDKCCBTMTTK 8: 1Night Stay in Dindigul + 1Night Stay in Idukki  + 1Night Stay in Munnar + 1Night Stay in The Nilgiris + Sightseeing Place + Breakfast + Dinner  (6N/7D) Tour

Package G N G RRDKCCBTMTTK 5: 1Night Stay in Banglore + 1Night Stay in Dindigul + 1Night Stay in Maysor + Sightseeing Place + Breakfast + Dinner   (7N/8D) Tour 


Package G N G RRDG 1: 1 Day Selected Cab for Sightseeing Arulmigu Kallalagar Temple, Allagar Temple in Dindigul + Aarti + Darshan + Pickup and Drop from Dindigul Bus Stand

Package G N G RRDG 2: 1 Day Selected Cab for Sightseeing Chettiar Park + Bathing + Swimming + Pickup and Drop from Dindigul Railway Station 

Package G N G RRDG 1: 1 Day Selected Cab for Sightseeing Liril Falls + Bathing + Swimming + Pickup and Drop from Dindigul Hotel 


BY AIR:  Dindigul is not well connected to other major cities of the country via regular flights. The nearest airport is in Madurai at a distance of 59kms.

BY TRAIN:  You can easily get regular trains to Dindigul from other major cities of the country..

BY BUS:  Dindigul is situated in NH-7 which connects Chennai (438 km) to Madurai (71 km) and hence, one can easily reach Dindigul by road. Many state buses and taxis run from various cities of the state which takes you to the Dindigul directly. The other major cities near Dindigul are Munnar (127km), Ooty (208 km), Coimbatore (150 km) and Kodaikanal (25 km)  


Winter: The best season to visit Dindigul is winter season as the weather of the place remains cold yet tolerable. The temperature during winters falls to 15°C and normally ranges between 15°C to 25°C.

Summer:  Summers in this city are very hot and sweltering. The temperature can rise up to 42°C. The temperature of this city fluctuates in between 30°C to 42°C in summers.

Monsoon:  Dindigul is a prime location to enjoy monsoon as you will find good showers in this season. Temperature of the city in this season remains in between 25°C to 35°C. 


1. Kodaikanal Lake
2. Echo Point
3. Bryant Park
4. Berijam Lake
5. Bear Shola Falls
6. Coakers Walk
7. Silver Cascade Falls
8. Thalaiyar Waterfalls
9. Arulmigu Kallalagar Temple, Allagar Temple
10. Guna Caves
11. Kurinji Andavar Temple
12. Coaker's Walk
13. Arulmigu Dhandayuthapani Swamy Temple
14. Pazhamudhircholai Murugan Temple
15. Pillar Rocks Road
16. Mannavanur Lake
17. Vattakanal Water Falls
18. Kumbakkarai Falls
19. Pillar Rocks Viewpoint
20. Pine Tree Forest
21. Palni Hills
22. Chettiar Park
23. Dindigul Rock Fort
24. Kodaikanal Solar Observatory Museum
25. Silent Valley View
26. Dolphin Nose
27. Kodaikanal Pine Forest
28. Kodaikanal Hill Station
29. Moir Point
30. Upper Lake View
31. Fairy Falls
32.Sirumalai Reserved Forests
33. Liril Falls
34. Lord Murugan Temple - Thiru Aavinnankudi
35. Sacred Heart College Museum
36. Wax Museum
37. Pampadum Shola National Park
38. Palani Temple
39. Arulmigu Soundararaja Perumal Temple
40. Pulla Veli Falls


1. Vivera Grande (Hotel)
2. Hotel PVK Grand
3. Vari Park
4. Hotel Parvathy's
5. Wild Rock
6. Parsons Court
9. The Carlton
10. Le Poshe By Sparsa
11. Sterling Kodai Valley
12. The Fern Creek
14. Hotel Vales Park
15. Ramora Grand 


1. Dindigul Venu Biriyani
2. Selvam Restaurant (Kozhi Nadar Kadai)
3. Ponram MultiCuisine Restaurant
4. Dindigul Thalappakatti
5. Sree Baalaaji Bhavan
6. Meenakshi Bhavan
7. Hotel Aachi's Non-Veg
8. Vivera Grande (Hotel)
10. BUN BHAI FOODSra Grande (Hotel) 


1. Pears Tree Villa
2. Hotel Sethu Residenccy Dindigul
3. Cardamom House
4. JMA Garden Resorts
5. Double Dutch Resort
6. Lakeside Resort
7. Hotel MahaJyothi
8. Jem Valley
9.  Mangai Towers
10. Cosy room for couples in Dindigul
11. Commodious 3 BR Cottage in Dindigul 


QUESTION: Why is Dindigul famous for?

ANSWER:  Dindigul is a famous city of Tamil Nadu located in the Dindigul district. It is famous for the processing factories of Tannery, Textile and many more. The city is well-developed with good infrastructure and other facilities.

QUESTION: What are the famous in Dindigul?

ANSWER: Top Attractions in Dindigul -
Sirumalai Reserved Forest. Nature & Wildlife Areas. 
DescriptionSoundararajaperumal Temple. 
Silver Cascade Falls. 
Abirami Amman Temple. 
Sri Kottai Mariamman Kovil. 
Sendraya Perumal Temple. 
Athoor Village. 
Thalaiyar Falls.

QUESTION: -What is the old name of Dindigul?

ANSWER: Dindigul District was carved out of the composite Madurai District on 15th of September, 1985. Dindigul District had the names of Dindigul Anna, Quaid-e-Milleth and Mannar Thirumalai.

QUESTION: Why Dindigul is called as Holland?

ANSWER:  High level of flowers are produced in DINDIGUL district. So it is also called as “Holland of Tamil Nadu” 

QUESTION: Which sweet is famous in Dindigul?

ANSWER: . Many sweet shops Dindigul prepare a wide range of sweets which include not only regular sweets such as rasgullas, Gulab jamuns, rasmalai, etc. but also other sweets such as Turkish delight, ferni, dilpasaand, etc.

QUESTION: Is Dindigul a kongu?

ANSWER: The entire Kongu region has an approximate size of 7,500 square miles and includes present day districts of Tamil Nadu, namely Coimbatore, Erode, Tiruppur, Dharmapuri, Krishnagiri, Salem, Namakkal, Karur, Dindigul as well as certain sections of Madurai.

QUESTION: Which temple is famous in Dindigul?

ANSWER: Thadikombu Perumal Temple is located on the Dindigul- Karur route about 18 kms away from Dindigul. The main deity of… Palani Arulmigu Shri Dhandayuthapani temple is one of the Six Abodes of Murugan.

QUESTION: Who built Dindigul fort?

ANSWER: The Dindigul Fort or Dindigul Malai Kottai and Abirami amman Kalaheswarar Temple was built in 16th-century by Madurai Nayakar Dynasty situated in the town of Dindigul in the state of Tamil Nadu in India. The fort was built by the Madurai Nayakar king Muthu Krishnappa Nayakar in 1605.

QUESTION: When was Dindigul born?

ANSWER: Dindigul district was carved out of the composite Madurai District on 15.9. 1985 and the first District Collector was Thiru.

QUESTION: Who ruled Dindigul?

ANSWER: The Cholas ruled Dindigul till the Sixth century and after that the Pallavas defeated the Cholas and took the control of the region. In the 13th Century, the Cholas again returned to power and finally the Moguls invaded South India in the 14th century.

QUESTION: How many villages are there in Dindigul district?

ANSWER:  List of all villages and towns in Dindigul Taluka of Dindigul district, Tamil Nadu. As per Census 2011, there are 10 towns and 69 villages within Dindigul Taluka.

QUESTION: How many dams are in Dindigul?

ANSWER: There are nine dams -- Palar Porundalar, Varathamanathi and Kuthiraiaru in Palani block; Parappalar and Nangachiar in Oddanchatram block; Maruthanathi, Kamarajar Sagar in Athoor block; Mavoor in Nilakottai block and Kudaganar in Vedasandur block.

QUESTION: Who set up arms factory at Dindigul?

ANSWER: Haider Ali established a modern armoury in Dindigul Mysore in 1755.

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