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Dhauli Giri Hills

About 7 km from Bhubaneswar, a small hill Dauligiri (a beautiful scenic place} is located. It was here the emperor Ashoka laid down the weapons of violence after winning the battle of Kalinga and accepted a life of Ahimsa in the form of Buddhism. One of the followers of the Buddhism of Nichiren Daishonin, a 13th Century sage from Japan came to India, in 1930s and took part in Mahatma Gandhi's non-violence struggle and he was responsible for having the Shanti Stupa constructed after the Independence with the help of Indian Government in 1970s. Our daily chanting of 'Namu Myoho Renge Kyo' of Nichiren Buddhism for spreading peace & happiness throughout the world is inscribed at the entrance. Although the place is flooded with lot of tourists, we cannot help self reflect to shun violence within us so as to build a peaceful and harmonious society. We saw the sound and light show,(of 30 minutes duration in the evening) which gives the background and purpose of this monument at this place.This big and beautiful stupa is located on Dhauligiri about 8 Kms outside Bhubaneshwar. It is built near where King Ashoka waged his last war. This is built in collaboration with the Japanese near the Daya river.
We have to walk a distance of about 200 mts from the car park and also climb a few steps to reach it. There is no entrance fee or fee for photography. Very nice, scenic place to spend about half an hour. One can go around the stupa and see various statues of Buddha. But we have to remove our footwear at the start of the stairs and it makes it unbearable to walk on the hot stone during summers.There is also a small temple dedicated to Lord Shiva behind the Stupa.On the way to the Stupa there is a copy of the Ashoka pillar erected by the Odisha Government. Lovely place to visit for a short duration.

What Guests Say about it is as follows 

Shanti stupa is a Buddhist Peace Pagoda and is the main attraction for people who believe in Lord Buddha or appreciate detailed artworks or carvings. This is a big white building covered with the dome on top and beautified with intricate carvings on it.These carvings are elephants processions, reclining Buddha, sleeping beauty, emperor Ashoka giving up on war by offering his sword to lord Buddha and many others. There also stand two pillars like Ashokan pillars on the entry with two lion at the top standing as to guard the lord. The stupa was built by Kalinga Nippon Buddha stupa in collaboration with Japan Buddha Sangha in the year 1970.


Most adorable monument near Bhubaneswar. Its beautiful Picnic spot with Picturesque location, combined with Buddhist Pilgrimages which holds Multiple Buddha Statues on white tomb building/ rocks , well maintained gardens , Thin forests, hill top, River Daya flowing near by , a pure white stupa and rocks with centuries old edicts are all worth visits.


The Dhauli Giri Hills close to Bhubaneswar, by the banks of the Daya River is believed to be the famous war-fields of Kalinga where after a fierce war, King Ashoka laid down arms and henceforth became a follower of Buddha while spreading peace all over the world. Here is situated the Shanti Stupa, a beautiful white structure built in the early 1970s with Japanese collaboration. Here also is situated one of the many important rock edits of Ashoka, in which he talks about peace and morality for everyone. 
Do visit this tranquil place on your visit to Bhubaneswar and soak in a bit of Ancient History. The Stupa has some amazing Buddha statues and stories from his life and times which is as delightful as peaceful.

Here at Dhauli ,Emperor Ashoka forsakes war after Kalinga War!! Historically it is a prominent and important place.After traveling a distance of 7 KMs from Bhubaneswar towards Puri ( or Konarak ) one can see Dhauligiri Shanti Stupa at the right side ( on Dhauli hills ) just after crossing Daya river bridge. From this point on Puri road the Shanti Stupa distance is 3 Km. This Dhauli Shanti Stupa is also known as Peace Pagoda

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