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Delhi Doctor Stopped and was not allowed for River Rafting due to Disability and Safety

Dr. Satendra Singh, a doctor posted at Delhi’s GTB Hospital, who has a disability in his legs and uses crutches, claimed he was stopped from river rafting in Rishikesh by an agent in Rishikesh, saying he was “medically unfit”. Recently many incidents have been reported in the Ganga river of the drowning of different tourists from different cities of the country.
On a Twitter thread posted on Saturday, Singh, who is also an advocate for disability rights, explained he had previously gone white water rafting twice, once in Kullu and another time in Rishikesh itself, but an agent refused to allow him. Meanwhile, the travel agent in question, Shekhar Bhatt, told that Rishikesh has strong currents, which would pose a high risk for Singh if the raft were to overturn.
Dr. Singh told, “I had come to Rishikesh on Saturday with my family and we all planned to go to Rishikesh Ganga River Rafting. We waited hours for our turn. Finally, when it was our turn, an agent refused to allow me to go rafting due to my disability, which is completely wrong as per the rules of rafting on the Ganga river. Only medically unfit people, with heart and breath problems, can be stopped from rafting. No-one stopped me from rafting before. It is a violation of my rights and I am going to take action.” In his Twitter thread, Singh tagged Uttarakhand Tourism (@UTDBofficial) and called for tour operators to welcome tourists with disabilities and called for the cancellation of the license of the travel agent that stopped him.
Bhatt said the denial was not intended to be discriminatory and every decision rafting companies take is “in favor of tourists”. “Rafting in the Ganga river is not easy, as there are high possibilities of the raft overturning due to sharp rapids. We often take precautions and do not allow tourists with disability onboard as earning money is not our sole motive but safety is the main concern”
When queried about government guidelines not preventing disabled people from participating in adventure sports, Bhatt said “the government should make clearer guidelines”. Many incidents have been taken place in Rishikesh if the precaution is not being taken and checking is not being done properly. 

On a Twitter thread posted on Saturday, Singh said he had previously gone white water rafting twice, once in Kullu and another time in Rishikesh itself


*Following Conditions on Rafting in Rishikesh are Applied due to Safety, Security of a Tourist Life* 
1. The age of Kids Should not be lesser than 14 Years to Perform the River Rafting in Rishikesh
3. Age of the Adult Should not be more than 60 Years
4. Please Don't insist on our Professional Guide if they refuse to conduct rafting due to safety and security reasons 
5. Please carry Towels and extra pair of clothes while Coming for river rafting. You Can Change Your Clothes at Our Office at Ramjhula. 
6. You are not allowed to jump in the Ganga river while doing Rafting either from Brahmpuri, Shivpuri, Marine Driver or Kaudiyala
7. If you don't know how to swim still you can perform rafting


1. Rafting Rates are on Sharing basis if you are not comfortable you may book the whole raft for your family by paying the full amount of the raft in advance.
2. Need to Do Booking at least one day Prior to Avoid Soldout and Non-Availability.
3. click here to Book Different Kinds of Rafting in Rishikesh with Professionals


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