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Defunct streetlights adding to commuter woes in Doon

Dehradun: Non-functioning and inadequate streetlights in certain parts of the city are adding to the commuter problems in Dehradun. Residents say if defunct streetlights are not changed, commuting during night time after the onset of monsoons would become nightmarish.
"This problem is not specific to any particular locality in the city. Prominent localities around Vidhan Sabha barely have any functioning streetlights. Those at Behl Chowk also function erratically. This is not good for commuter safety. Rain spells will add to the problem as the condition of the roads worsens during the monsoons. We have been pushing for better lighting for a long time now." said Bhupindra Kathait, a city councillor.
According to regular commuters, efficient street lighting has become more important than ever due to several ongoing infrastructure projects in the city. "There are errant barricades and caution boards all over the city which are barely visible. With rains, problems of potholes and waterlogging will exacerbat. We have witnessed accidents near Jakhan earlier which could have been avoided if only the streetlights functioned properly. With monsoons inching closer, authorities should address this problem should address this problem on priority," said Amit Negi, a Jakhan resident. Morning and evening walkers and cyclists also face inconvenience due to inadequate lighting. "Most residential colonies have some defunct streetlights. As Dehradun has a significant population of people who come out for morning walks before dawn, fixing streetlights is exremely important for their safety and security," said another city resident.
According to Dehradun Municipal Corporation authorities, 94,000 lights- 53,000 in the city and 41,000 in rural areas - were installed in the city last year. They add that streetlights have been installed in almost all city wards.
Speaking on the issue of defunct streetlights, mayor Sunil Uniyal Gama said, "Wherever there are issues of faulty lights, we will get them rectified. Lights have been installed in almost all wards."

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