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Characteristics of effective communication

It is a skill which every business professional must have because how a person speaks impacts how others perceive that professionally and personally. It is very important to practice effective communication skills because it helps in breaking a business.

While speaking, ensure the words are pronounced clearly as when others ask to repeat what you said means you were not clear and loud enough. Avoid yelling or raising voice, who fo this are passionate about an issue and try to get a point across. It is accepted to alter the level of volume but not yelling in a business setting. Do not speak when angry, rather postpone the conversation if possible so that you don't regret afterward. Take some minutes to cool off and then resume the conversation.

It is rude to interrupt any person while he is speaking. You speak after he has finished speaking. Listen carefully to others to carry on the conversation and be an effective communicator. Give the speaker undivided attention and repeat what he said to ensure understanding.

It is important to use proper English and grammar and slang words should be avoided. Tell the truth while communicating because it is important, to be honest in business dealings which make easier and improves the relationship with others. Establish trust in spite of being successful. Be specific while making statements. Never make generalized statements which give wrong impression. Be specific to create a better understanding between the parties in the communication. When negative confrontation is necessary, start and end the conversation on a positive role which avoids person feeling bombarded and overwhelmed.   

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