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Chandrabhaga Beach

It's the most beautiful and charming Beach. The River Chadrabhaga meet the Sea Bay of Bangle here. The sunrise and the sunset view of this place is so beautiful that i can't explain. The konark sun temple is another attraction to welcome visitors to this place. Mela is also held here on the occasion of Tilasaptami. People believe that if one bath in the beach on this auspicious day he remains healthy.This golden sand beach is absolutely stunning and ideal place to see sunrise. Being 30 kms from Puri city and 3 kms from Konark, this beach is easily accessible which is a cherry on the cake. We reached at 4:30 am in the morning and were surprised to see many visitors reach even before that. Chilly wind, roaring sea, sunrise and numerous boats of fisherman sailing into the sea with the first ray of sunlight is a picturesque sight. Wear comfortable shoes and enjoy delicious coconut water at the beach. Advisable to carry light stoles as it might be cold in the morning.2km from the Konark temple, it is quieter in comparison to the crowd at Konark or the Puri Beach. The sight of Pine forests (Jhaun /ଝାଉଁ ବଣ), the roadside coconut water & the virgin, unadulterated beach! It is a rare combination. However, one needs to beware of the undercurrent in the water. Every year International Sand Art festival is organised in first week of December on the Chandrabhaga Beach, Konark.

What Guests Say about it is as follows 

We stopped here for sunset when driving from Puri to Konark. It was a weekday, so I guess we were lucky that it was not crowded. It is definitely less crowded, less commercialised and cleaner than the main puri beach. The drive to this beach from Puri, takes about 90 min. The road is beautiful, takes you through reserved forest and 3 rivers. If you decide to go , take some time to stop and take pics on Nuanai River bridge. Once you hit the beach, there are some more desolate strips and you will be tempted to stop right there. Strongly advise that you don't. The continental shelf is very sharp, hence sometimes the currents are strong (This is unlike the Goa sea beaches). So best is to stick to the more populated stretches of the beach.


This was an unexpected experience for me. As I stepped out of the car just beyond the road there was the fine bright beach sand. It is indeed an unexplored and isolated beach. There were hardly 10 people around there and no screaming children, no disturbing flock of boys , no unfriendly and obnoxious couples. This was a place I could hear the waves so clearly and feel the warmth of the sea so calmly. The beach is a little steep but the beach line is too good to take the soulful stroll with your soulmate. The water is clear the shore the clean the place is just the one for those who seek peace and fun.


If you are really keen to spend some quiet time while you are near to Konark, then this is the place.Its a beautiful beach, less crowded and gives you an amazing view of sea.
Don't expect too much activities around the beach. Its a long stretch from the main drop point till Ramchandi Temple.One can cook here near Ramchandi temple where the local shopkeepers provide all the cooking provisions ( But be responsible and don't litter around). Just enjoy the breeze and have a great time with your loved one.


The beauty and the divinity of the sunrise at the wonderful beach is just awesome. The waves, on this side of the Indian coast, are quite rough so due care should be taken before venturing into the waters. Having said that just standing on the beach front and soaking as the sun rises is a wonderful experience.


Orissa is endowed with a vast coastline and is abound with natural beaches. This beach which is not very popular is pristine and unsploit. It is a few Km from Sun Temple and is the location of Annual Snad Sculpting Competition. Visit in December and Enjoy ththis beautuiful place.


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