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Biggest Uttarakhand's Biodiversity Park - Shivalik Biodiversity Park

Uttarakhand's biggest biodiversity park will be set up at Muni- Ki -Reti in Rishikesh, Uttarakhand.  dubbed the Shivalik biodiversity park (SBP) and spread across 50 hectares of land, its aim is to conserve the natural landscape of the area. the park is expected to bring in around 5 lakh tourists who visit Rishikesh every year. it will have 33 types of conservation concepts, all developed at the cost of Rs 65 crore, officials said. The project will be executed in three phases over the next five years. interestingly the park is expected to generate employment of 7,000 people according to preliminary estimates by forest authorities. forest officials say objectives behind building the park include biodiversity conservation, promotions of natural products (testing, processing, value addition, marketing, and quality control), livelihood enhancement, eco-restoration of degraded forests, nature education promoting responsible visits to the Himalayan natural treasures, and teaching the importance of various types of ecosystems. the SBP is divided into two parts the Herbal Eco- Par, spread across 6.32 hectares, and the nature park area, across 43.05 hectares.

The park will also have miniature replicas of iconic sites in Uttarakhand such as the Char Dham shrines. it will have a valley of flowers with a water body, a nature learning center, butterfly conservatory, open-air aviary, a theme-based light and sound show called conservation of the ma Ganga river. a natural herbal haat, a conservation park, some lively hood-based activities, five nature trails, and a Sanskriti gram. The biodiversity park would have a Shivalik transition zone, hillside grasslands, tropical disadious forest, bushlands, and upper bhabar landscapes, officials said. These different landscapes would be interconnected by nature trails and would support more than a thousand species of plants. The park is surrounded by the main Chardham road NH58 and NH94.

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