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Events are happenings, often used to suggest that what happened was on an unusual scale, Memorable etc. Most of us participated in events but managing the events are the difficult task to achieve its objective. Event management involves planning, organising and execution of live events, which could include a brand/products launch, an exhibition, a concert or even a conference. It is basically an extended form of advertisement, though more interactive. As a separate industry it is projected to grow at 30 % per annum. The first impetus to event came with the liberalisation of the Indian economy in the early nineties. The explosion of satellite channels and the popularity of foreign artists have fueled the growth in the industry in recent years. Traditionally, events were considered useful for rural markets and for products with a ban on advertising like liquor and cigarettes. Low literacy levels and limited media penetration made events a necessary exercise in rural markets. But today, events are no longer limited to a few products and markets. Event marketing is gaining popularity in long-term brand image building and humanizing of corporate.

Aims of the any events are to minimize the risks and to maximize the enjoyment of events audience. In most cases careful attention must be give to transportation, technology and security and a host of other elements like venue, theme, financial consideration, timings, Events team, contractors and other stake holders etc. Event management is the application of the management practice of project management to the creation and development of festivals and events. Event Management involves studying the intricacies of the brand, identifying the target audience, devising the event concept, planning the logistics and coordinating the technical aspects before actually executing the modalities of the proposed event. Event management as a subject has attracted considerable attention of several public relation professionals, due to its being a powerful tool for communicating to the target publics. Undoubtedly, events offer a direct and quick exposure to the intended audiences. Today, special events are an important activity as the event reach out to several people and peculiarly satisfy the desire of most of the people to participate in the event, who have quite a few objectives to obtain like the special benefits offered to the visitors, to enjoy some entertainment, to gather some stimulation, to socialize, and also to become more knowledgeable on subjects, etc. To organizers also it is a specially created forum to share information, showcase achievements and products, and even to express gratitude to the public’s for their supports.Organizing events has come to stay as an integral part of the PR responsibility for obvious benefits to the business organizations. Needless to say that event is not a mere show business, but an objective based activity in which the companies invest sizable amounts of money for obvious benefits and returns. Therefore, before an event is put up, it is important to determine the objectives of such an event, so that the event pays back in terms of good returns on investment. Particularly, in the market area, the measurement of the effectiveness of such events would become immediately possible in terms of the sales an event was able to generate. Therefore, the objectives of an event must be spelled out, right before starting the ground work.

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