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Become a Blogger at Gautam and Gautam Group

So you want to start blogging? or want to be a Known Blogger ? Are you studying in a college? Or want to make your Career in Blog writing?  if yes then this is a good news for you. You can be a known blogger if you have an art of writing. 

If you are serious about becoming a pro blogger, then you need to get started on the right path. A wrong move now, can become a serious roadblock later on. Becoming a professional blogger is not going to happen over night. However, someone who has drive and is focus will find it a lot easier to build a blogging career. You don’t need to reinvent the wheel. Art of Blog is filled with content to get you started on the right track.It will take you some time, but all you have to do is read and take action.Your blog niche is going to be the most important part of your new journey. You don’t just want to write about anything.Just writing won’t make your blog successful.Your writing needs to be remarkable.The easiest way to set yourself up for remarkable content… is to pick a topic that you are passionate about.If you aren’t passionate about your topic… you will be fighting an uphill battle. You won’t give your blog a chance to be successful.

If you have these qualities Gautam and Gautam Group is offering you an opportunity to become a known blogger Online. You can join our platform as a Blogger Trainee for 6 months and if audience appreciate your content we will start paying a certain amount for every article. 


How to Become a Blogger at Gautam and Gautam Group? 

1. Send a mail on with submject line " Want to be a Blogger at GandGGroup"
2. Join our Blogger team for 6 months as a Blogger Trainee. Please note that no amount will be paid at the time of Training with our Company. No Physicial presence is required for this Training. You can work from your home. 
3. After Completing 6 months training from Gautam and Gautam Group, Get a Certificate issued by the company
4. Get your Name and Photo Published on our website under the Banner "Blogger at Gautam and Gautam Group"
5. Get a Personal Page on our website which will explain about your work, hobbies, other detail and get known in the world   
6. If you get appreciation by management and visitors, get paid for every article. 

Hurry...Lets start Today. 

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